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YCMOU Home Assignment 2023  – Download YCMOU Assignment with Answers PDF – Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University Solved Assignment  2023 available here ,  all solved assignment available YCMOU Home Assignment 2023 .The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) is the Fifth Open University in the country.

General Instruction for YCMOU Home Assignment 2023

1) Home assignment is useful for self-analysis of your preparation of the final examination and progress.
2) Read all the questions and their marks in the home assignment carefully understand the definitions and
concepts properly.
3) Read carefully the text, syllabus and summary related home assignment.
4) Do not copy the points, matter from the text while writing home assignment mentions your one point /
opinions whenever necessary.
5) Your answer should include how you would apply the knowledge in real life situations.
6) Use full-scape lined papers for writing home assignment. Name of student


M.A M.A. Subject Communication,
M.A. (Educational Communication)
M.A. (Distance Education)
M.Sc (Educational Communication)
Click Here
C07 Certificate Programme in Human Right Click Here
G10 Gandhi Vichar Darshan Click Here


School Of Humanities & Social Sciences

M43 M.A. (English )Old
M44 M.A. Urdu
M72 M.A. (English )New
M51 M.A. Hindi
M52 M.A. Economics
M53 M.A. Public Administration
M54 M.A. Marathi
G11 B.A. Hindi
G12 B.A. ( Urdu )
G01 B.A.
P16 M.Lib 
P04 B.Lib
B.A. & M.A.  Public Services


School of Commerce Management

G40 B.C.M.
P08 Diploma in Co-operative Management 
P79 M.B.A. 
P79 How to upload Home Assignments?
Instrctions to the fresher students of  first year MBA (P79) Semester 1
P79  How to upload Home Assignments?
Guidelines (Presentation) to the fresher students of  first
year MBA (P79) and B.Sc.(PCM)(V92) Semester 1
P79  MBA (P79) First Year First Semester
Click Here to Upload Home Assignments
M17 M.Com
G02 B.Com
P52 Diploma in Cooperative Management

School of Architecture, Science and Technology


V96 B.Sc. Actuarial Science
V34/V58 M.Sc. Environmental Science  (old Pattern)
V130 M.Sc. Mathematics
V92 B.Sc. Regular Sem 
V92 How to upload Home Assignments?
Instrctions to the fresher students of  first year B.Sc.(PCM) (V92) Semester 1
V92  How to upload Home Assignments?
Guidelines (Presentation) to the fresher students of  first
year MBA (P79) and B.Sc.(PCM)(V92) Semester 1
V92  B.Sc.(PCM)(V92).First Year First Semester
Click Here to Upload Home Assignments
T105 Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics (PGDS)
V135 Diploma in Environmental Science 
V136 M.Sc.( Environmental Science )
V137 Diploma in Statistics


School Of Computer Science

P30 B.Sc. BIS
P32 B.C.A.Old
P131 B.C.A. New
P133 B.Sc. Industrial Science
P141 Diploma in Industrial science
P142 Diploma in Computing
T60 Advanced Diploma in Computing
P45 B.Sc. Industrial Science
P144 M.C.A.

School Of Education

P80 B.Ed B.Ed
M62 M.A. Education Sem I & III
P10 Diploma In School Management (DSM) DSM 
C31 Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) ECCE 
C35 Certificate Programe in Information Communication Technology For School Practices ( ICTSP ) ICTSP 
E36 Certificate Programme in Domestic Worker Skill Development CPDWSD


Center for Collaborations and Special Initiatives

C132 Certificate Programme in Security Services (for Security Guard) View
C133 ग्रामरोजगार सेवक कौशल्य प्रमाणपत्र View
C134 Certificate Programme in Security Services (for Security Officers) View
C146 Prep. Certi. in Competitive Examination View
C148 शेतकरी उत्पादक कंपनी प्रमाणपत्र शिक्षणक्रम
C149 Certificate Programme in Bee Keeping View
C165 पालीभाषा प्रमाण पत्र View

Is it compulsory to submit the YCMOU Home assignment 2023?

Yes, it is compulsory for all the students to submit the assignments before the term-end examination.

How to Download YCMOU Assignment 2023

YCMOU Home Assignment 2023  Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) uploaded the assignment question papers for various courses like TY FY SY BA, BSc, BCom, BBA, BCA, MA, MSc, MCom, Diploma. YCMOU Home Assignment 2023 Questions are available on the official website of YCM Open University i.e. ycmou.digitaluniversity.ac.

Assignment question papers of all YCMOU programs can be downloaded from the link given below. All assignments are in PDF format. Students have to submit the solved assignments to the regional centre before the due date.

To download YCMOU Home Assignment 2023 PDF, scroll down and find your programme. Click on the down button next to the program name and the assignment PDF file will be displayed on your screen.

How to Write YCMOU Home Assignment

Download YCMOU Assignment with Answers PDF As assignments are an important part of every distance learning program of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, students should write and solve their YCMOU Home Assignment properly so that they can get maximum numbers in exam result.

After downloading the YCMOU Assignment PDF files, students must keep these things in mind while solving the assignments.

  • Use A4 size paper to answer the assignment questions.
  • Answer writing is allowed only with blue and black pens, do not use any other coloured pen.
  • Write the answer within the word limit given in the ycmou assignment question paper.
  • If the assignment has diagrams, use one-sided blank paper to make assignments.
  • Use a pencil to make diagrams.
  • Write the answers in a clean and proper way so the examiner can check them easily.
  • Write the assignments in your own handwriting only. Copied assignments are not accepted.
  • Make separate assignments for each subject.
  • Students do not have to use a single file for all the assignments.

Students can use PDF study material and printed books to solve assignment questions. Apart from this, they can also use online sources.

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Sample Question with Answers

Q. Analyse the use of time and temporality in Spenser’s Epithalamion and Prothalamion.

The main difference between epithalamion and prothalamion is that epithalamion is a poem celebrating marriage full of traditional imagery and is comparatively longer and more elaborate than prothalamion, which usually celebrates engagement.
Epithalamion and prothalamion are both poems celebrating the union of two people. However, an epithalamion is less personal than a prothalamion and includes fewer references to the poet’s own country and situation.

What is Epithalamion
Epithalamion is a poem or a song recited for the bride and bridegroom at their wedding. Epithalamion is also called Epithalamium or Epithalamy. Ancient Greeks used to sing such songs hoping that they would bring good fortune on the marriage.
Epithalamion is usually sung at the marriage chamber. However, today we use the same term to refer to a song sung during the wedding processions that contains repeated invocations to Hymen, the Greek god of marriage. However, in epithalamions, we cannot usually observe a specific meter.
During Renaissance, epithalamions came from the classical models and Pierre de Ronsard in France and Torquato Tasso in Italy were famous poets at the time. John Donne, Sir Philip Sidney, Ben Jonson, and Richard Crashaw are some popular English poets who adapted this form of lyrical composition during the period of the Renaissance. Furthermore, among the English epithalamions composed throughout history, Edmund Spenser’s Epithalamion, which was written for his second marriage in 1595, is considered the best version of English epithalamion ever published.

What is Prothalamion
The English poet Edmund Spenser wrote a “Prothalamion” in 1596 to celebrate the engagements of Elizabeth Somerset and Katherine Somerset, the daughters of the Earl of Somerset. Based on the time period during which it was written, the poem was strange and innovative. Edmund Spenser coined the word “Prothalamion”, taking into consideration the word “epithalamion,” or “wedding song.” While an epithalamion celebrates a wedding, a prothalamion celebrates an engagement or a betrothal.
Generally, the betrothals in prothalamion revealed most of the politically important events in England during that particular period of time. A prothalamion, therefore, sings of the mutual bond existing between marriage, politics, and nature. It praises the beauty of the brides and how perfect the union of marriage is, along with the portrayal of the natural and practical world outside marriage. Similarly, a prothalamion also points out the mutable nature even present within the beauty and perfection of bonds and marriage.

Download YCMOU Assignment with Answers PDF 

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