How does Ben Johnson represent the spirit of his age in The Alchemist?

How does Ben Johnson represent the spirit of his age in The Alchemist? The Alchemist, comedy in five acts by Ben Jonson, performed in 1610 and published in 1612. The play concerns the fermentation of deception that ensues when Lovewit leaves his London house in the care of his designing menial, Face. With the aid of a fraudulent alchemist named Subtle and his companion, Dol Common, Face sets about allocating spurious charms and services to a steady sluice of dupes. These include the intemperate knight Sir Epicure Mammon, the grandiose Bluenoses Ananias and Tribulation Wholesome, the ambitious tobacconist Abel Drugger, the punter law clerk Dapper, and the arriviste Kastril with his widowed family, Bendy. The shrewd bettor Surly nearly exposes the sham by posing as a Spanish slip seeking the hand of Bendy, but the susceptible parties reject his allegations. When Lovewit reappears without warning, Subtle and Dol flee the scene, leaving Face to make peace by arranging the marriage of his master to the beautiful and fat Dame Pliant.

 Lovewit handed over his house to his butler, Jeremy, while leaving for him hop-yard in London. Jeremy is known by the name of Face in this play. He lives with subtle, a supposed alchemist, and a courtesan named Dol Common in Lovewit’s house. They run a major fraud business in the house.

 How does Ben Johnson represent the spirit of his age in The Alchemist? When the play opens there’s an argument between Face and subtle that continues throughout the play. The argument is grounded on who’s of principal significance for the business they run, each talking about his supremacy. Don come in between and resolves their conflict and impel both to shake their hands. Meanwhile, there’s knock on the door the first chump of the day, a legal clerk, enters. Subtle takes the part of the “ Croaker” while Face plays the part of “ Captain Face”

 Spruce, a legal clerk, solicitations for a spirit that can help him win the game at gambling. Subtle tells him that he’s connected to the queen of brownies and promises him to get one for him. He asks Spruce to come back after washing himself and bring a clean shirt with him. As soon as Dapper left, another customer, known as Drugger, enters. He’s a tobacconist who comes to know how he should place his shop. Subtle asks him to return back with tobacco and a damask. The argument between Face and Subtle capsule, still, Dol interferences and warns them about the visit of Sir Epicure Mammon.

 Subtle has promised Sir Epicure Mammon that he’ll make him a Champion’s gravestone for which Mammon is extremely happy and is featuring about it. Now, Sir Mammon and Sir Pertinax, his pessimistic backing are standing next to the door. Face now plays the part of “ Lungs”, a croaker’s laboratory backing while the two conmen dumbfound Mammon and irritate Surly with their crooked scientific language. Face told Surly that he’ll meet him at tabernacle church at half an hour, meanwhile, Dol enters that provokes Sir Mammon and he starts contending Face to arrange a meeting with Dol.

Another customer Ananias, an Anabaptist, comes and meets with Subtle with wrathfulness. He wants Subtle to give him the Champion’s gravestone so that he can earn important plutocrat to convert people to his religion. He returns with Misery, his clerk. As he leaves, another customer Kastril is brought by Drugger. Kastril comes to know how to fight and to case the joint in order to see if this man is suitable for his rich, widowed family, Dame Pliant, or not. Kastril is incontinently impressed by Face.


 How does Ben Johnson represent the spirit of his age in The Alchemist?

 Subtle and Face burgled Dapper by engaging him in a puck ritual. When Mammon comes he’s engaged by Dol in the outhouse while Face pretending that Subtle is ignorant of Mammon’s magnet towards Dol.

Another entry happens when a widow comes. Face meets a Spanish Don, who’s in fact Surly in disguise. Face and Subtle are now having a discussion that who’s going to marry the widow and mocks the Spaniard by speaking loudly that they will deceive him. As Dol is busy with Mammon, they trick the Spaniard and made him agree to marry the widow.

  Dol, in the meantime, has gone redundant comfortable with Mammon. They’re caught by a furious “ father” ( Subtle). He tells them, as they were involved with illegal conduct, all the furnace and Alchemist outfit has been destroyed by an explosion. Mammon incontinently pushed himself at the door, having entirely destroyed by the loss of his investment.

Everything is getting out of control and all the guests are gathered at the door without warning. Latterly, all the guests are present in the room, including Surly while Face manages himself to get out of the spot. Still, Dol informed them that Lovewit has just reached, Face changes his masks formerly again and come “ Jeremy the Butler”.


Ben Johnson represent the spirit of his age in The Alchemist  When love reaches his home, he’s girdled by the neighbors and the guests on the door. Face is forced to admit everything by the Dapper when his voice emerges from t0he privy that nothing happens at it’s shown to us. Face puts every blame on the Dol and subtle, still, they manage to escape poor from the reverse wall and the guests come back with police and a hunt leave. The guests search every corner of the house but ca n’t find anything for themselves and are forced to leave with nothing. Kastril, Lovewit and his new woman leave the stage. Face is awarded financially and delivers an epilogue.

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