SENRIG IS INDIA’S BEST Handwritten Assignment PROVIDER SINCE 2018. Our Project Experts are mostly Post Graduates From IGNOU/DU And Various other Central universities who have the track record of excellence thereby ensuring 100% Approval Guarantee Project work.

Our Handwritten Assignment work is 100% Unique & Relevant. Its according to IGNOU Guidelines.

We Provide 100% Refund & FREE Replacement if your assignment got rejected BY IGNOU.

Why Select SENRiG for IGNOU Handwritten Assignment?

SENRiG & Other Website Work

SENRiG Handwritten Service

  • 100% Unique and Customized Content
  • Original Written (Fresh )
  •  Free After Order Services
  • 100% Approval Gurantee
  • WhatsApp Group with students

Other Website Service

  • Copy paste content 
  • Already Available same for everyone
  •  Not Respond after order by students
  • No Gurantee 
  • WhatsApp Group with students
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SENRIG Handwritten Assignment FAQs

 How i Should Submit my IGNOU Assignments?

Online submission: IGNOU provides an online submission portal called the “eGyankosh.” Log in to the portal using your credentials, select the course and assignment you want to submit, and follow the instructions to upload your assignment files. b. Postal submission: If online submission is not available or not applicable to your course, you can send your assignments by post. Put all your assignments in an envelope, address it to the Coordinator of your study center, and send it through a reliable postal service. Make sure to keep a record of the postal receipt or tracking number.

 How i should Place my order?

To Order the Assignments Follow these steps:-

  1. Fill the Order Form 
  2. Click On Next Fill Your Address 
  3. Proceed To Checkout.
  4. After Payment Remain on same page “Don’t Close the Tab” and Screenshot your invoice bill.

 How Other Websites are charging less price and some are charging higher prices?

Beware of fraudulent websites that deceive students by offering lower prices for assignments, such as 150, 200, 220, 250, and 300. These websites often send color photocopies of handwritten assignments instead of providing custom and unique content. On the other hand, some websites charge exorbitant prices like 400 and 450 due to misleading marketing and excessive advertising expenses. These commercial platforms offer substandard assignments, mostly pre-made and lacking customization. It’s important to be cautious of such fraudulent websites as they can jeopardize students’ academic careers. At SENRiG, we prioritize your academic enhancement by delivering efficient and high-quality services.

 After How many Days Of Order will I get My Assignments?

All Assignments will be delivered within 5-6 Days in a single packet through Fast Couriers Like Bluedart, Delhivery, DTDC Etc For Metro Cities And Tier 2 Towns  For Rural Areas Kindly Prefer Prepaid Mode As Govt India Post Speed Post service is better in Rural Areas 

 Will All Assignments be in the Same Handwriting?

All Assignments will be delivered within 5-6 Days in Same Handwriting Written By same Subject Matter Expert ensuring uniformity in assignments.

 Are they ready to submit Assignments or I have to do anything?

After the handwritten assignments are delivered you just have to sign it write few details like enrollment number etc (where the spaces are kept blank) and submit it directly. 

 How Many Marks i will score with these assignments?

Almost Every Student who have ordered from SENRIG Have Got 90+ Marks because of best Quality Assignments. However, Marks Depend 60% On Assignment Quality & 40% On your relationship and conduct with the lectures of study centre as assignments are checked there. 

 Will I face Any Handwriting Mismatch or Rejection Issue If I submit these Assignments?

Well If you Buy Substandard Assignments from other websites it will be rejected because they provide a similar type of assignment and different handwriting.
However, at SENRIG we have 500+ Writers Each writers Is Assigned For a Particular work hence uniqueness and Uniform Handwriting is Ensured. Our Assignments looks like it is written by some very hardworking & Dedicated Student in same handwriting. Hence we Assure 100% Guarantee Approval/90+ Marks Thats how we trust our efficient Team.

 How many pages will be there in an assignment?

We Follow IGNOU Standard Marking Scheme For Every Assignment as each assignment are written according to that you need not to worry about word limit etc 

 What is the weightage of IGNOU Assignments in the Overall Grade Card?

The Weightage is as follows
Assignments:- 30%
TEE Exams:- 70%

  Will You Provide Front Page in this Order Package?

Yes, We will Provide front page too with the Assignments

  What i should Select in Number of Assignments?

Number of Assignments depends on the number of cource codes selected by you 
For Example BA 1st Year Usually there are 8 codes so No of Assignments is 8 , MA Eng The First year has 4 codes Hence Number of Assignments are 4 And So On.

 Which Paper I Should select A4 Plane Sheet or A4 Ruled Sheets?

Well, This is the Unique Feature of SENRiG Wherein we also provide you with the type of pages as per your requirements. Generally, Most of the Assignments Submitted In Delhi NCR And Nearby Areas Are In A4 Ruled Sheets Hence you must prefer it.