MES 101 Solved Assignment 2021-22

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MES 101 Solved Assignment 2021-22

Assignment: 01

a) Explain the aims of education vis a vis the individual and society in India during the British rule and after independence. Discuss the factors responsible for bringing about the changes in aims of education after independence? (500 words)

Education may be a powerful tool to unlock the golden door of freedom which will change the planet . With the arrival of British rule out India, their policies and measures breached the legacies of traditional schools of learning which resulted within the need for creating a category of subordinates. to realize this goal, they instituted variety of acts to make an Indian canvas of English colour through the education system.

Initially, British Malay Archipelago Company wasn’t concerned with the event of the education system because their prime motive was trading and profit-making. To rule out India, they planned to teach alittle section of upper and middle classes to make a category “Indian in blood and colour but English in taste” who would act as interpreters between the govt and therefore the masses. This was also called the “downward filtration theory”.

After the implementation of plans, efforts were made to spread education.

Government decided to supply free and compulsory education to all or any children up to the age of 14. But this aim couldn’t be achieved yet.

In First Five Year Plan 7.9% of total plan outlay was allocated for education. In Second and Third Plan, the allocations were 5.8% and 6.9% of the entire plan outlay. In Ninth Plan only 3.5% of the entire outlay was allocated for education.

To streamline the education, the Govt. implemented the recommendations of Kothari Commission under ‘National Policy on Education’ in 1968. the most recommendations were universal primary education. Introduction of latest pattern of education, three language formula, introduction of regional language in education , development of agricultural and industrial education and course .

To combat the changing socio-economic needs of the country, Govt. of India announced a replacement National Policy on Education in 1986. Universalisation of primary education, vocationalisation of education and specialisation of upper education were the most features of this policy.

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) at National level and State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) at State level were established to take care of the quality of education. University Grants Commission (UGC) was instituted to work out the quality of upper education.
Expansion of General Education:

During the amount of designing there has been expansion of general education. In 1951, the share of literacy was 19.3. In 2001 the literacy percentage increased to 65.4%. The enrolment ratio of youngsters within the age bracket of 6-11 was 43% in 1951 and in it became 100% in 2001.

Primary education – been free and compulsory. Midday meal has been started in schools since 1995 to see drop-out rate. the amount of primary schools has risen by 3 times from 2.10 lakh (1950-51) to six .40 lakhs (2001-02). there have been only 27 universities in 1950-51 which increased to 254 in 2000-01.

Development of Technical Education:
Besides general education, technical education plays important role in human capital formation. The Govt. has established several Industrial Training Institutes, Polytechnics, Engineering colleges and Medical and Dental colleges, Management institutes etc.

These are given below:

(a) Indian Institute of Technology:

For education and research in engineering and technology of international standard, seven institutes are established at Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Chennai, Khargpur, Roorkee and Gauhati, Technical education is imparted here both for graduation and post-graduation and doctorate level.

(b) National Institute of Technology (NIT):

These institutes impart education in engineering and technology. These were called Regional College of Engineering (REC). These are 17 in number throughout the country. There are other institutes within the country to show engineering and technical education.

(c) Indian Institute of Management:

These institutes impart education in business management and administration. These institutes are located at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore and Kozhikode.

b) What is meant by quality in higher education? Critically discuss the process of accreditation followed by NAAC in assessing quality of higher education institutions. (500 Words)
c) How are the functions of Teaching, Research and Extension linked? What is your assessment of the linkage of the three functions in higher educational institutions?
Discuss. (500 words)

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