(IGNOU) MPA-014 Important Questions with Answers English Medium

(IGNOU) MPA-014 Important Questions with Answers – (IGNOU) MPA-014 refers to the course Human Resource Management taught to Master of Arts in Public Administration (MPA) students at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

IGNOU MPA-014 Guess Paper 

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Course content

  • Objectives and scope of HRM
  • Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Manpower planning
  • Job analysis and design
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Employee relations
  • Industrial peace

1. Discuss the significance of HRM in the context of Globalisation.

(IGNOU) MPA-014 Important Questions with Answers English Medium- Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a crucial role in the context of globalization, as it involves managing an organization’s workforce in a way that aligns with the challenges and opportunities presented by the global business environment

Globalization often involves operating in diverse cultural environments. HRM is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to manage cultural diversity within the workforce. This includes promoting understanding, tolerance, and inclusivity to create a harmonious work environment.

Talent Acquisition and Global Mobility

MPA-014 Important Questions with Answers English Medium- With the global expansion of businesses, HRM plays a crucial role in talent acquisition on a global scale. It involves identifying, attracting, and retaining skilled professionals from different parts of the world. Additionally, HRM is responsible for managing global mobility programs, including expatriate assignments and cross-cultural training.

Legal Compliance and Ethical Considerations

Globalization brings forth various legal and ethical challenges due to differences in labor laws, regulations, and cultural norms across countries. HRM ensures that the organization complies with local labor laws and ethical standards while maintaining a consistent global approach to human resource practices.

Cross-Border Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication and collaboration across borders are essential in a globalized business environment. HRM facilitates the development of communication strategies, tools, and training programs to ensure that employees from different cultural backgrounds can work together seamlessly and understand the organization’s goals and values.

Global Talent Development and Training

HRM is responsible for identifying the skills and competencies required for global success and developing training programs to enhance the capabilities of the workforce. This includes providing cross-cultural training, language training, and leadership development programs tailored to a global context.

Adapting HR Policies to Local Contexts

While maintaining a global approach, HRM must also be flexible enough to adapt HR policies to local contexts. This involves understanding and respecting local cultural norms, legal requirements, and labor practices while ensuring consistency with the organization’s overall objectives.

Managing Virtual Teams

Globalization often leads to the creation of virtual teams spread across different geographical locations. HRM is responsible for implementing effective virtual team management strategies, including the use of technology, communication tools, and performance evaluation methods suitable for remote collaboration.

MPA-014 Important Questions- HRM must design compensation and benefits packages that are competitive on a global scale. This involves considering variations in living costs, tax implications, and other factors across different countries to attract and retain top talent.

2. What is human resource development? How is it an integral aspect of human resource management?

3. Discuss the scope and significance of HRM

4. Discuss the contribution of SHRM in an organisation.

5. Explain main models of SHRM.

6. Discuss the chief approaches of SHRM

7. What is human resource planning? Discuss its role in economising organisational process.

8. Discuss the process of manpower planning; highlight its importance in civil service restructuring.

9. What are the shortcomings of a manpower plan? How can you improve upon it? Give concrete suggestions.

IGNOU MPA-014 Guess Paper 

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10. Discuss various applications of job analysis by quoting illustrations from nearby organisations.

11. Do you feel the job analysis is an imperative organisational function? If yes, substantiate your answer with examples.

12. Write short notes on

a. Job enlargement
b. Job enrichment
c. Job design

13. Do you feel that recruitment is the cornerstone of Public Personnel administration? Illustrate with suitable examples.

14. Analyse how promotion promotes organisational excellence?

15. Discuss the main functions of the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) in connection with Civil Service Recruitment

16. Discuss the concepts of performance measurement, management and performance development plan. Can they be applied to improve civil service recruitment?

17. What are the shortcomings in Annual Confidential Reports? How can they be remedied?

18. What is Management by Objectives? Discuss the steps involved in MBO.

19. Is the free market better for wage fixation? Discuss the public choice implication in the wage level determination.

20. Should wages be based on standard criteria on differential basis? Give reasons in support of your contention.

IGNOU MPA-014 Guess Paper 

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