(IGNOU) MPA-011 Important Questions with Answers

(IGNOU) MPA-011 Important Questions with Answers – MPA-011 refers to a course code for a subject called “State, Society and Public Administration” offered in the first year of the Master of Arts (Public Administration) program at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in India.

(IGNOU) MPA-011 Important Questions with Answers – The course covers various aspects of the relationship between the state, society, and public administration. It delves into the evolution of the state, the concept of good governance, the role of public bureaucracy, and the challenges of public administration in a diverse and democratic society.

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  • Subject: State, Society and Public Administration
  • Course Code: MPA-011
  • Level: First Year, Master of Arts (Public Administration)
  • University: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Language: Available in both English and Hindi

Go through the recent newspapers, magazines or books and try to note down the contemporary developments in the area of globalisation trends and their impact on the functioning of the State.

MPA-011 Important Questions with Answers – Ongoing trends in global trade and supply chain dynamics have been impacting states. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted vulnerabilities in tightly integrated global supply chains, prompting some countries to reassess their dependence on certain regions for critical goods.

Technological Advancements

Continued advancements in technology, especially in the areas of information technology, artificial intelligence, and communication, have accelerated globalization. This has both positive and negative effects on states, influencing economic growth, governance, and national security.

Climate Change and Environmental Concerns

Globalization has facilitated the sharing of environmental challenges among nations. Collaborative efforts to address climate change, sustainable development goals, and environmental regulations are increasingly becoming part of global governance discussions.

Rise of Populism and Protectionism

Some states have witnessed a rise in populist movements and a turn towards protectionist policies. This shift challenges traditional notions of globalization as some countries emphasize national interests over global integration.

Political and Economic Alliances

The formation and dissolution of political and economic alliances play a crucial role in the global landscape. Shifts in alliances, such as trade agreements and geopolitical partnerships, can have significant implications for states.

Migration and Cultural Exchange

Globalization has led to increased migration, influencing cultural diversity and social dynamics within states. Managing the impact of migration on economies, social structures, and national identities is an ongoing challenge.

Health and Global Crises

(IGNOU) MPA-011 Important Questions with Answers English Medium- The response to global health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, has demonstrated the interconnectedness of states. Coordination in health policies, vaccine distribution, and crisis management has become essential in the face of global challenges.

Visit any nearby government office and try to pen down your observations on the interpersonal behaviour of its employees in the office as well as and the citizens who come in contact with the employees.

Based on Activity One, try to place the inter-relationship that you have observed under the Weberian or Riggsian categories / typology.

Try to read a few recent articles or write ups in newspapers, magazines, journals and books and pen down your viewpoints on the characteristic features of the present Nation State.

Review the available literature on Neo-liberalism and then, examine whether the contemporary Indian State can be considered a Neo-liberal State.

Try to interview some government/public sector officials on the implementation of New Public Management approach in their organisation and make a note of their experiences.

Try to visit any nearby government office and note down the different types of interactions between administrative officials and the citizens that visit the office.

Based on Activity One, make a list of the nature of encounters (satisfactory and unsatisfactory) between the administrative officials and the citizens.

Visit some nearby government office or NGO office or a panchayat or municipal office and write down your observations on the changing norms of equity, autonomy and participation in its policies and functioning.

Visit your near by municipal or any other local body responsible for civic governance of your area and enquire about governance measures introduced in recent times.

Talk to your neighbours, shopkeepers, and business community in your area and elicit their opinions and views on the effectiveness of prevailing governance strategies; pen down your observations

Study the Report of the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution and pen down your observations

Go through some books and articles on the Indian Constitution and Role of Governmental Institutions. Try to write a note on your observations on the relationship between the three branches of the government. Substantiate it with examples.


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