NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23

NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23 : The Nalanda Open University is the only institution in the State of Bihar designed specifically to deliver education via distant learning. An decree issued by the Bihar government in March 1987 founded the university. Later, the Bihar Legislature passed the Nalanda Open University Act, 1995, repealing the earlier Ordinance, and the University automatically came under the purview of the new Act’s authority and jurisdiction. The university is named after India’s renowned Nalanda University. The University currently conducts business out of its camp office located at Biscomaun Bhawan, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 12th Floors, Patna 800 001.

NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23

NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23 : The University has established a well-equipped, fully automated modern office in an area of about 60,000 square feet at its camp office in Patna. In addition to administrative offices and other infrastructure, this office includes a computer lab with about 300 IBM Pentium-4 computers, a state-of-the-art library with about 50,000 titles, and an examination centre with about 1000 students. The University is approved to deliver education remotely by the Distance Education Council (DEC), University Grants Commission, and Ministry of HRD of India.

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NOU Assignment List

  • Certificate Courses
  • I.A./I.Sc./I.Com. Part I
  • I.A./I.Sc./I.Com. Part II
  • Post Graduate Diploma courses
  • M.Sc.  Part I
  • M.A.  Urdu Part I
  • B.A.  Part I
  • B.B.A.  Part I
  • B.C.A.  Part I
  • B.Com. Part I
  • B.L.I.S
  • B.Sc.  Part I
  • M.A.  Part I
  • M.C.A.  Part I
  • M.Com.  Part I
  • M.Com.  Part II
  • M.L.I.S  Part I
  • B.A. Part II
  • B.A. Part III
  • B.B.A. Part II
  • B.B.A. Part III
  • B.C.A. Part II
  • B.C.A. Part III
  • B.Com. Part II
  • B.Com. Part III
  • B.Sc. Part II
  • B.Sc. Part III
  • M.C.A. Part II
  • M.C.A. Part III

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IGNOU Solved Assignment 2022-23


  • To offer educational possibilities to people who can’t pursue formal education but still want to improve their educational credentials and learn about a variety of subjects through print media (correspondence courses), contact programmes, study centres, and mass media.
  • To allow for flexibility in issues relating to age of entrance, choice of course, modes of instruction, administration of exams, and operation of programmes.
  • offering degree and diploma programmes and providing for research aimed at knowledge growth and dissemination
  • To offer unique services to groups including the elderly, working professionals, housewives, residents of rural locations, members of the socially disadvantaged community, and anybody else who wants to advance their education through distance learning.
  • To prioritise both traditional and vocational courses that lead to the issuance of diplomas and degrees
  • To educate individuals about self-sufficiency and provide them with knowledge and higher education so they can be qualified for new employment prospects.
  • To create educational materials for increasing the socioeconomic status of the general public and to give courses to meet the needs of individuals in rural, agricultural, industrial, and commercial areas.
  • To raise knowledge of the social obligations, legal position, and rights of women, children, and others who are oppressed.

NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23

NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23 : The world-famous Nalanda University ruins are located close to the village of “Bada Gaon” in the southeast of Patna, the capital of the Indian state of Bihar. Nalanda, a city of learning that was established in the fifth century A.D. Nalanda was the first Residential International University in the World, housing 2,000 Teachers and 10,000 Students from all over the Buddhist world. A stroll through the university’s ruins transports you to a time when India led the globe in the dissemination of knowledge and was a highly sought-after location for academic pursuits. Between the fifth and the twelfth centuries, the University flourished.

Nalanda is one of the locations noted for having received the blessing of the Buddha, but it eventually rose to prominence as the location of the illustrious monastic university of the same name, which would become the pinnacle of the growth of Buddhism in India. The name may have come from one of Shakyamuni’s earlier lives, when he was a king with this region as his capital. One of his nicknames was Nalanda, which means “insatiable in giving.”

Background of Nalanda Open University

NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23 : Numerous monarchs and empires that helped shape Nalanda University rose and fell in this region. They constructed numerous monasteries and temples. A 25-meter-tall copper statue of Buddha was a gift from Kingarshwardhana, and Kumargupta established a school of fine arts nearby. Here, the Brahmin scholar Dharmpala, the founder of the school of logic Dinnaga, and the Mahayana philosopher Nagarjuna all lectured. The renowned traveller and scholar from China, Hieun-Tsang, spent time here and provided a thorough account of the circumstances of the time. A thorough excavation of the site uncovered a number of stupas, monasteries, dormitories, stairs, meditation rooms, lecture halls, and other buildings that speak to the splendour and grandeur this location once had when it was a hub for serious study.

NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23 : This was one of the most significant Buddhist centres of worship and culture, as evidenced by the enormous number of ancient stupas, chaityas, temples, and monastery sites that have been discovered. According to Jaina literature, Mahavira Vardhamana may have spent as long as fourteen rainy seasons in Nalanda, which speaks to its antiquity. Pali Buddhist Literature , too, has ample references to Nalanda, which used to be visited by Lord Buddha. During the days of Mahavira and Buddha, Nalanda was apparently a very prosperous temple city, a great place of pilgrimage and the site of a celebrated university. It is said that King Asoka gave offerings to the Chaitya of Sariputra at Nalanda and erected a temple there. Taranath mentions this and also that Nagarjuna, the famous Mahayana philosopher of the second century A.D., studied at Nalanda. Nagarjuna later became the high-priest there.

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NOU Solved Assignment 2022-23 : These monasteries, which were constructed in a row of cells surrounding a courtyard in the classic Kushan architectural style, were supported by the Gupta kings. Some of its most illustrious patrons who erected temples and monasteries here included Ashoka and Harshavardhana. Extensive structures have been discovered here through recent excavations. Hiuen Tsang has written enthusiastic descriptions of the atmosphere and architecture of this exceptional ancient university. A Nalanda monastery was first established in the fifth century, according to modern historians. This might not be true, though. For instance, the traditional biographies of the teacher Nagarjuna, who is generally thought to have been born in the year 150 AD, are fairly particular about his having been ordained at the Nalanda monastery when he was just seven years old.

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