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University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
Code MPSE 003
Language English
Session  July 2023-January 2024


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1. Examine the nature and context of western political thought.

Western political thought refers to the intellectual traditions, theories, and ideas that have emerged in the Western world, primarily in Europe and North America, over centuries. The nature and context of Western political thought are shaped by various historical, cultural, and intellectual factors. Here’s an examination of these aspects:

  1. Historical Context: Western political thought has deep historical roots that can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. The city-states of Athens and Rome laid the foundation for early democratic and republican theories, setting the stage for subsequent political philosophy. These ancient ideas, including those of Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero, provided a basis for the development of Western political thought.
  2. Judeo-Christian Influence: The Judeo-Christian tradition has significantly influenced Western political thought, particularly in terms of morality, ethics, and concepts of justice. The notion of natural law, derived from religious texts, played a crucial role in shaping ideas about governance and individual rights.
  3. Enlightenment and Liberalism: The Enlightenment, which emerged in the 17th and 18th centuries, had a profound impact on Western political thought. Thinkers like John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Montesquieu promoted ideas of individual rights, government by consent, and the separation of powers. These ideas formed the basis for modern liberalism and the development of democratic institutions.
  4. Social Contract Theory: Social contract theory, closely associated with Enlightenment thinkers, is a central concept in Western political thought. It suggests that individuals come together to form a government through a social contract, in which they willingly give up some freedoms in exchange for protection and the rule of law. This theory has been influential in discussions about political authority and legitimacy.
  5. Democracy and Republicanism: Western political thought has given rise to various conceptions of democracy and republicanism. From the direct democracy of ancient Athens to the representative democracies of modern Western nations, there is a rich tradition of debating the ideal forms of government and the role of citizens in governance.
  6. Revolutions and Ideologies: The American Revolution, the French Revolution, and other major political upheavals in Western history have had a significant impact on political thought. These events led to the development of political ideologies like conservatism, liberalism, socialism, and nationalism, each with distinct views on governance, individual rights, and social justice.
  7. Capitalism and Economic Thought: Western political thought is closely tied to economic theory, particularly with the rise of capitalism. Thinkers like Adam Smith and Karl Marx made significant contributions to economic and political theory, with discussions on the role of markets, property, and class struggle.
  8. International Relations and Realism: The field of international relations, a subdiscipline of Western political thought, focuses on the relationships between states. Realism, with its emphasis on power politics and self-interest, is a dominant perspective in this context.
  9. Human Rights and Humanitarianism: Western political thought has played a central role in the development and promotion of human rights. Documents like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and organizations like the United Nations have their roots in Western political thought, advocating for the protection of individual rights and the prevention of atrocities.
  10. Feminism and Identity Politics: Western political thought has been challenged and enriched by feminist and identity politics movements. These perspectives draw attention to issues of gender, race, and other forms of identity in political analysis and policymaking.
  11. Secularism and Separation of Church and State: The Enlightenment also gave rise to the principle of secularism and the idea of separating religious institutions from the state. This concept has been central to discussions of religious freedom, tolerance, and the role of religion in public life.
  12. Contemporary Debates: Western political thought continues to evolve and adapt to contemporary challenges, including globalization, environmental issues, and the impact of technology on governance and society. New debates about populism, authoritarianism, and the future of democracy are prominent in current Western political discourse.

In summary, Western political thought is a complex and dynamic field that has been shaped by a rich historical context, diverse intellectual traditions, and evolving ideas about governance, rights, and justice. It continues to be influential in shaping political systems and policies both in the Western world and globally.

2. Discuss the philosophical foundations of Plato’s political theory.
3. Write a note on Aristotle’s theory of revolution.
4. What is the ‘Grand Synthesis’ St. Thomas Aquinas talked about? Elaborate.
5. Elaborate upon Machiavelli’s concept of Universal Egoism.


6. a) Thomas Hobbes on the laws of nature and the Covenant
b) John Locke on social contract and civil society
7. a) Rousseau’s theory of General Will
b) Edmund Burke’s critique of the French Revolution
8. a) Immanuel Kant’s formulation of the ‘Categorical Imperative’
b) Bentham’s political philosophy
9. a) Tocqueville on democracy, revolution and the modern state
b) J. S. Mill on equal rights for women
10. a) Hegel on Idealism
b) Marx’s theory of Surplus Value

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