MES 011 Solved Assignment 2021-22

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MES 011 Solved Assignment 2021-22

Assignment: 01

a) What is meant by culture? Explain how education acts as an instrument of culture. (500 words)

Role of Education in Social change or Education as an instrument of social change:
Education is taken into account together of the foremost powerful instruments of social change and control. Education can remove darkness of ignorance and narrow-mindedness of human mind and infuse new ideas, new light and new direction for change and development. It can dispel darkness of ignorance, indifference and inactivity of human mind and develop new hope and aspiration. From sociological point of view education has threefold function for such change and development. Firstly, it helps in preservation of labor while knowledge, culture and heritage of the past. Secondly, it helps within the transmission of desirable cultural elements within the new generation. Thirdly, it also helps within the dissemination of latest knowledge and knowledge for brand spanking new invention and creation of society. These three fold activities of education are therefore bringing about necessary changes of society and control its undesirable elements. These three fold functions of education for social change are described below

1. Preservation of social heritage: thus far as preservation of worthwhile knowledge and heritage of society cares , education is of important importance. Young boys and girls attend school for reading and writing and thru this act they acquaint themselves with the desirable elements of their social culture. The curriculum meant for youngsters is meant in such how that it includes knowledge and knowledge of the society. Duty of the teacher is to present his students with art, science and literature, history and culture which the society had inherited throughout the ages. Any new development or progress could also be possible only the new generation imitates the thought, feeling and activity of the past society. So from now of view education is nothing but an enormous process of imitation. it’s through such imitation that preservation and protection of the desirable elements of vast human culture has been possible.

2. Transmission of desirable culture: Education is liable for transmission of desirable elements of culture in mind of the new generation. it’s going to be noted that each one the social and cultural heritage of the past society aren’t wholly acceptable to the new society. The new generation doesn’t want everything what their previous generation wont to practice. they need only the helpful and desirable elements of culture of the past and avoid the undesirable one. Here education must need to make conscious control of social heritage. It must carefully examine which elements or items of the past experiences have their capability of developing the new generation towards social progress. it’s noteworthy that with the changes of society new hopes and aspiration and their needs crop-up in common mind. Keeping in sight of this fact education must have consciously control, design and choose the things of social heritage and transmit to the new generation.

3. Disseminations of latest knowledge: Education is liable for dissemination of latest knowledge and experienced in mind of the society. Every new society carries with it that genius who can contribute to new creation and new invention for social progress. Education should give new light and a replacement direction in mind of these geniuses through which new thought, ideas and activity and new creation may emerge. it’s thanks to such creativity that old faith, belief and therefore the way of life are changed and new activity and thought are getting to develop. Human history carries innumerable instances of this fact. The extra-ordinary person with creative genius of the new society contributes his own thought and idea to be followed by others. Gandhiji and Marx and other sociopolitical and non secular reformers from time to time are ready to cause such social change and development. So it’s evident that education can disseminate new knowledge and concepts for social change and development. From the above analysis it’s evident that education is that the powerful instrument of social change and development. within the absence of it society would have remained stagnant and its change and improvement would have come to a halt.

b) Discuss how political system and education system influence each other in a democratic society. (500 words)
c) Describe, briefly, individual and social aims of education. Is there anti-thesis between these aims of education? Justify your answer. (500 words)

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