IGNOU BSOC-105 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Free PDF

IGNOU BSOC-105 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Free PDF : BSOC-105 Solved Assignment 2022 , BSOC-105 Solved Assignment 2022-23, BSOC-105 Assignment 2022-23, BSOC-105 Assignment, IGNOU Assignments 2022-23- Gandhi National Open University had recently uploaded the assignments of the present session for MEG Programme for the year 2022-23. Students are recommended to download their Assignments from this webpage itself.

Assignment – I

1. Describe the scope of political sociology. 

Ans. The discipline of political sociology dates back to Aristotle’s time. His word for politics or ‘politike’ is derived from politike episteme which means political science. However, it was developed into an actual academic field in the late 19th century at Columbia University. With the 20th century around, it gained a lot of attention and sociologists were researching the state concerning the historical context and political thought and different approaches of the same. Over time, many sociologists have defined political sociology according to their backgrounds and viewpoint.

It is widely known that political sociology aims to analyze the relationship between social and political structures. The discipline entails the concept of the political system and its analysis and also stresses the study of the sectors of government such as legislature courts. It also stresses the analysis of social structures that affect political aspects such as parties or interest groups and caste alliances. A majority of scholars have immensely discussed the scope of political sociology from various perspectives. Greer and Orleans believe that the discipline is concerned with the structure of the state, legitimacy, the flow and use of monopoly, and the overall structure of the institutions and their relationship to the state. Laswell stated that politics affect all aspects of society, no matter what their class is. Andreu Effrat opined that the discipline analyzes the causes, effects, and results of the influence of the political system over the social systems. While the main focus is on the building of nation-states, contemporary political sociology has divided itself into four main areas of research and these are:

  1. The formation of social-political affairs in modern states,
  2. Social structure (class, race, ethnicity, gender, etc) and inequalities in relation to politics,
  3. Revolutions, movements, and personalities out of institutions affect politics,
  4. Power relations between social groups such as families, media groups, workplaces, and so on.

One of the main aspects of contemporary political sociology is the study of political culture in the current society and how that affects politics. This has been prominent as it helps us understand the propensities that affect political performance and results. Participation in politics and its mobilization is also entailed in the scope of sociology. Furthermore, the study of social stratification is considered one of the main sectors of the discipline. The study of various social strata such as gender, race, class, ethnicity, and caste and how their interactions affect politics determines how the system functions. Its study can also be used to understand inequalities and analyze the difference between the classes such as middle class vs elite class and how their lifestyles and decisions affect political affairs.

The discipline has a significant amount of prominence within the academic field as it highlights the underlying tendencies in societies that determine and lead the political system and its affairs. Over the decades, political sociology’s focus on the state and how society has a direct effect on its affairs has helped us to improve the state and vice versa. Contemporary political sociology has also made major contributions to comparative politics and public administration. A major aspect of contemporary political sociology is its focus on development and it is widely used for third world development approaches. The state’s policies and their approaches regarding the economic, social, and cultural globalization of developing countries are something that has helped us understand world politics overall. Furthermore, the recognition of socio-political affairs on the development of nations and how political affairs should be altered to make sure that developmental approaches can be implemented is also a major focus in the current times.

2. Analyse totalitarian as a form of government. 

Assignment – II

3. What are the forces which pose a challenge to nation building efforts? Discuss. 

4. Outline the major functions of a political system. 

5. What do you mean by stateless society? Discuss. 

Assignment – III

6. State 

7. Cultural Capital 

8. Traditional action 

9. Neoliberalism 

10. Anomic Interest group 

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