IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended 31 March 2024

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended 31 March 2024- IGNOU Assignment Status 2024 – Gandhi National Open University has extended the deadline for the submission of IGNOU assignments for June TEE 2024 till July 31. Candidates who have earlier submitted the assignments of IGNOU 2024 through email also got to re-submit all the assignments online via the link given below. The university will update the IGNOU 2024 assignment status after the submission of all the assignments by the scholars . to see IGNOU assignment status 2024, students got to enter enrolment number, date of birth and code of the programme. Students are advised to download the IGNOU assignments supported their programmes and submit an equivalent before the last date. The university has provided a link for IGNOU 2024 assignment submission for July 2023 (Annual Programme) and January 2024 session (Semester based Programme).

The university has started publishing IGNOU assignments for July 2023 and January 2024 session. The last date of submission of IGNOU assignment for January 2024 session (Annual programmes) is September 30, 2024. The status of IGNOU assignment 2024 are often checked by visiting the official website of the university at ignou.ac.in. The university has also provided a link for IGNOU project, final dissertation, fieldwork journals and internship reports, which is out there till July 31. Only those candidates who have submitted their assignments/projects are going to be ready to check IGNOU assignment status. Students also got to achieve passing marks in both IGNOU assignment and term-end examination to be considered eligible to receive their degree from Gandhi National Open University . consistent with the IGNOU officials, for those candidates who are going to be writing the IGNOU December TEE 2024 and IGNOU 2021 June TEE, fresh assignments are going to be available online from early July 2024.

IGNOU admission process for January 2024 session has started from November 15 and continued till February 28. Read the entire article to understand details on IGNOU 2024 assignment status and other information like assignment submission dates, steps to submit an assignment, assignment links, etc.

What to try to to if IGNOU Assignment Status 2024 Shows ‘Not found’?

The process of IGNOU assignment status update generally takes a while . Candidates will find the updated status 20 to 25 days after submitting their assignments. The assignment marks are usually updated a couple of days before the TEE results are announced. However, it’s advised that candidates contact the regional centre if the assignment status/assignment marks haven’t been updated for an extended time.

Also, candidates should remember to urge a receipt signed by the HOD after submitting the assignments. Furthermore, they ought to also get the photocopies of their assignments attested by the study centre. Fulfilling these steps will make sure that just in case of discrepancies, candidates have enough evidence to support their claims that they need indeed submitted their assignments.

How to Submit IGNOU Assignment 2024

Students are required to submit their IGNOU assignments before the term-end examination. they will take a fast check out the way to submit the assignments. Following these procedures will make sure that candidates fulfill all the formalities from their own side and not hinder their assignment status of IGNOU 2024.

  • Visit the official link (webservices.ignou.ac.in)
  • Students can obtain the assignments by downloading the pdf assignment file of their applied programme.
  • They can also avail of the assignments sent to them by the university by speed post/registered courier then on.
  • The IGNOU assignments also will be available within the regional study centres.
  • Candidates will find the dates to submit the assignments mentioned within the booklet.
  • They should prepare the assignments accordingly and confirm to write down their name, enrolment number, address, and study center at the beginning of their assignments.
  • Candidates will then need to submit the assignments at their respective study centres. Therefore, it’s extremely important for candidates to understand where the study center is situated.
  • After submitting the assignments, candidates shouldn’t forget to urge their slips signed by the HOD. On the slip, they’re going to be asked to write down the name of the IGNOU courses that the assignment has been submitted, enrolment number, and date of submission. Candidates should retain this slip for future references.
  • Also, candidates should get the photocopies of their assignments also as attested by the study centre.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2024 – details

  • The last date of IGNOU assignment submission for July 2023 and January 2024 session is July 31 and September 30. It is compulsory to submit the IGNOU 2024 assignment before the term-end examination.
  • Candidates are advised to stay a replica of IGNOU assignment response for future references.
  • Candidates got to submit their assignments as per the deadline mentioned on the assignment booklet to see their IGNOU 2024 assignment status.
  • The university takes time to update the assignment status. Therefore, candidates needn’t worry if their assignment status of IGNOU 2023 shows ‘not found’ or ‘not submitted’ for a few time. However, if the status remains like this for long, candidates should get in-tuned with the regional centre officials.
  • Since assignments are an important a part of the evaluation, candidates should make sure that they submit all the assignments within time to possess a positive IGNOU assignment status 2024 and to stop any obstacles while obtaining their degree.
  • The passing marks for assignments are 50%. it’s only candidates score these marks that the assignment status of IGNOU 2024 within the grade card will show ‘completed’. ‘IGNOU assignment status not completed’ means a failure within the assignment which candidates will need to write and submit the assignments again.

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