IBO 05 Solved Assignment 2020-21

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IBO 05 Solved Assignment 2020-21

Course Code : IBO – 05
Course Title : International Marketing Logistics
Assignment Code : IBO – 05/TMA/2020-21
Coverage : All Blocks

Maximum Marks: 100
Attempt all the questions.

Q-1 (a) Outline the structure of civil aviation in India and discuss the role of AAI and DGCA in the functioning of air services in India.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) may be a statutory body of the Indian Central Government to manage civil aviation in India. Formed under the Aircraft (Amendment) Bill, 2020, the DGCA investigates aviation accidents and incidents, maintains all regulations associated with aviation and is liable for issuance of licenses concerning aviation like PPL’s, SPL’s and CPL’s in India. it’s headquartered along Sri Aurobindo Marg, opposite Safdarjung Airport, in New Delhi . the govt of India is getting to replace the organisation with a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), modelled on the lines of the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Civil aviation in India, the world’s third-largest civil aviation market as of 2020, traces its origin back to 1911, when the primary commercial civil aviation flight took faraway from a polo ground in Allahabad carrying mail across the Yamuna river to Naini.

Air India is India’s ensign carrier after merging with Indian in 2011 and plays a serious role in connecting India with the remainder of the planet . IndiGo, Air India, Spicejet, Go First and Vistara, AirAsia India are the main carriers so as of their market share. These airlines connect quite 80 cities across India and also operate overseas routes after the liberalisation of Indian aviation. Several other foreign airlines connect Indian cities with other major cities across the world . However, an outsized section of country’s air transportation potential remains untapped, albeit the Mumbai–Delhi air corridor is ranked the world’s third-busiest route.

India are going to be the third-largest civil aviation market within the world by 2020. It recorded an traffic of 131 million passengers in 2016, of which 100 million were domestic passengers. the most important airline by international passenger traffic was Jet Airways which transported over 10 million passengers in and out of India in 2016, followed by Air India and AI Express (8.8 million). In third place was Emirates (5.46 million), which is that the largest foreign airline operating in India.

Civil Aviation Authority

The CAA has been envisaged as an autonomous regulatory body which can replace the DGCA and can meet standards set by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The CAA will have separate departments to affect safety, economic regulation and grievance resolution, also as a full-fledged environment department. it’ll even have an independent accident investigation bureau. The Authority also will have the autonomy to recruit staff. Currently, the DGCA is understaffed and doesn’t have any recruitment powers. The CAA will have administrative and financial powers almost like those of the American FAA. These powers will redefine the regulator’s role and better equip it to face the challenges of the growing Aviation sector within the country. Employees working with DGCA are going to be transferred to the CAA.

(b) What do you understand by the conference system in liner shipping operations? Explain its utility and concept of pooling arrangements.

A Liner Conference System (also called a “shipping conference”) is an agreement within the shipping industry in reference to ocean liners. Typically, the agreement is between two or more shipping companies to supply scheduled cargo and/or passenger service on a specific trade route under uniform rates and customary terms.

Although a Liner Conference System allows shipowners to club together, enabling them to still operate a daily “liner service” and maintain requisite standards of service, there’s a downside. Such agreements may establish protectionist organisations which will involve monopoly abuse and possible breach of competition law. as an example , under European Union Law, article 101 of the Treaty of Rome (as amended) imposes a clear ban on anticompetitive “agreements between undertakings”. However, the Encyclopedia Britannica site states that overall the benefits to the general public of Liner Conferences outweigh their disadvantages.

Pooling Arrangements and Diversification of Risk
Pooling arrangement means sharing loss and risks equally or split evenly any accident costs. As a result pooling arrangements reduce risks (standard deviation) for every participant. In pooling arrangements the typical loss is paid by everyone .The probability distribution of accident costs facing everyone is reduced by pooling arrangements. The pooling arrangement decreases the possibilities of the acute outcomes. In pooling arrangements each person’s risk is reduced but each person’s expected accident cost is unchanged.

Q-2 (a) What are the major aspects of strategic logistics planning? Explain these aspects and enumerate the factors that influence logistics planning.
(b) What is Maritime Fraud? State the various factors that lead to commitment of maritime fraud.

Q-3 Briefly comment on the following:
(a) Warehouses add to the time and place value of goods.
(b) During the last three decades Multi – Modal Transportation has made rapid progress.
(c) The world economic situation and the world trade are very closely related.
(d) Shippers – Shipowners consultation arrangements in India leave much scope for improvement.

Q-4 Write short notes on the following :
(a) Strategic logistics Planning
(b) Significance of Air Transport
(c) Contract of Affreightment
(d) Privatisation of Ports

Q-5 Distinguish between the following :
(a) Reorder level (ROL) and Reorder Quantity (ROQ)
(b) Registration and Classification of Ships
(c) General Cargo Rates and Specific Cargo Rates
(d) Time Charter and Bareboat Charter

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2. Those who are enrolled in January 2021, it is valid upto December 2021.


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IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment 2020-21

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