IBO 04 Solved Assignment 2020-21

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IBO 04 Solved Assignment 2020-21

Course Code : IBO – 04

Course Title : Export Import Procedure and Documentation

Assignment Code : IBO – 04/TMA/2020-21

Coverage : All Blocks

Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions.

Q-1 Distinguish between Pre-shipment Finance and Post Shipment Finance. Discuss various types of post shipment finance available to Indian exporters.

Based on the stage at which the funding is provided, export finance is split into pre-shipment and post-shipment finance. As their name suggests, pre-shipment finance is that the credit advanced to the exporters before the shipment of products , whereas post-shipment finance refers to the credit extended when the products are already shipped.

Trade finance refers to financing for the aim of trade, which incorporates both domestic also as international trade. Trade transaction is usually financed by financial intermediaries like banks, within the sort of Letter of Credit, Insurance, Export Order, etc.

A trader, i.e. exporter looks forward to an importer, to prepay for the products traded, the importer wants to mitigate the danger , and for that he/she demands the exporter to document the products shipped. during this way, banks/financial institutions may provide support within the sort of Letter of Credit, Insurance, etc.

Definition of Pre-shipment Finance

Pre-shipment finance is that the aid provided to the exporter from the date of receiving the export order till the date of actual shipment of products . It are often fund-based or non-fund based finance.

The main purpose of extending pre-shipment finance is to fulfil the capital needs of the exporter/seller of the products like the acquisition of staple , labour, packaging material etc., processing or conversion into final goods, packaging, warehousing, transportation or shipping and other pre-shipment expenses, on the products which are meant to be exported overseas.

For this purpose, a sale order from a recognized buyer/documentary evidence like a letter of credit or guarantee is issued on the buyer’s behalf and in favour of the exporter.

Classification of Pre-Shipment Finance

Pre-Shipment Finance are often of three types:

  • Packing Credit
  • Advance against incentives receivables from the Central Government, which is roofed by ECGC guarantee.
  • Advance against cheques received as advance payment.

Definition of Post Shipment Finance

Post Shipment Finance are often defined as any sort of load, advance or credit offered to the exporter by a financial organization , after the shipment of products . It must be noted that the date of providing financial assistance, after the shipment of products to the belief of proceeds from the exported goods.

Post Shipment Finance is granted to only those exporters, in whose name goods were exported or in whose name the documents concerning the export are transferred. Moreover, finance is extended for brief term or future , which relies on the character of export. The finance is given against the shipping document which acts as proof that the products are being shipped.

Classification of Post Shipment Finance

Post-Shipment Finance are often of three types:

  • Export bills purchased, discounted or negotiated.
  • Advance against duty drawback receivable from the govt .
  • Advance against bills sent for collection

Differences Between Pre-shipment and Post-shipment Finance

The points given below are substantial thus far because the difference between pre-shipment and post-shipment finance is concerned:

  • Pre-shipment finance may be a facility provided to the exporters for fulfilling their purchase, processing and packaging needs before the products are literally shipped. On the contrary, Post-shipment finance may be a loan/advance facility which meets the cash or liquidity requirements of the exporters for the delay between the products are shipped and payment is received.
  • The primary objective of pre-shipment finance is to supply sufficient finance to help the exporters in procuring staple , labour, supplies, so on produce, package, store and transport the products . Contrastingly, the most objective of post-shipment finance is to finance export receivables ranging from the date of submission of documents to the exporter’s bank till the date of realization of proceeds from exported goods.

Q-2 Discuss the procedure and documentation formalities for Customs clearance of import cargo. 

Q-3 What is Credit Risk? Describe the various types of cover issued by ECGC. 

Q-4 Comment on the following statements.

(a) RBI does not play any role in regulating the terms of payment in export business.

(b) Trade policy is not an instrument of economic policy which aims to promote economic growth with stability in the country.

(c) Exporting is less riskier than any domestic business of comparable size.

(d) Export promotion programmes do not aim at expansion of production base for exporters. 

Q-5 Write short notes on following:

(a) Letter of Credit

(b) Value Added Network Services (VANS)

(c) Tramp Shipping Services

(d)India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

(d) Foreign Trade of Japan

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IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment 2020-21

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