Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens in English. ” Do you agree with this view. Justify your answer with illustrations from the textbook of Tom Jones.

Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens in English. ” Do you agree with this view. Justify your answer with illustrations from the textbook of Tom Jones.

 Tom Jones, Fielding’s amiss and” mortal” idol, is the character through whom Fielding gives voice to his gospel of Virtue. In discrepancy to the moral philosophizing of numerous of Fielding’s coevals, Fielding doesn’t suggest that Tom’s affairs with Molly Seagrim, Mrs. Waters, and Lady Bellaston should reflect poorly on his character. Rather, keeping with the Romantic kidney, Fielding seems to respect Tom’s adherence to the principles of Gallantry, which bear that a man return the interest of a woman. Interestingly, all of Tom’s love affairs, including his relationship with Sophia, his true love, are initiated by the woman in question, which is Fielding’s way of excusing Tom from the charge of lecherous depravity. Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens.

 also, the fact that Tom’s suckers include a contentious, mannish wench and two middle-aged women suggest that his motives are colorful. Tom also treats women with the utmost respect, obliging their desire to be courted by pretending to be the solicitor indeed when they’re luring him. Tom refuses to abandon Molly for Sophia and is agonized by his scores to Lady Bellaston. nevertheless, Tom’s turndown of the tempting marriage offer of Arabella Hunt — whose last name underscores the fact that Tom is hunted more frequently than he’s the huntsman — indicates that he has mended his wild ways and is ready to come Sophia’s hubby. Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens. Tom’s gallantry reveals itself in his connections with men as well as women, still. This spirit is apparent in Tom’s asseveration on paying the drinking bill for the army men at Bristol, and in his gallant defense of himself in the dogfight.

 Tom Jones

Tom Jones, a” bastard” raised by the humanitarian Allworthy, is the novel’s eponymous idol and promoter. Although Tom’s faults( videlicet, his imprudence and his lack of chastity) help him from being a perfect idol, his good heart and liberality make him Fielding’s icon of Virtue, along with Allworthy. Tom’s handsome face and gallantry win him the love and affection of women throughout the country. His staid, though natural air induces characters to assume that he’s a gentleman which eventually turns out to be true. Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens.

 Sophia Western

 Sophia Western is Fielding’s beautiful, generous heroine and the son of the violent Squire Western. Like Tom, Sophia lavishes gifts on the poor, and she treats people of all classes with similar respect that one lessee can not believe she’s a” noblewoman.” Sophia manages to attune her love for Tom, her filial duty to her father, and her abomination for Blifil through her courage and tolerance. Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens Sophia’s natural courtesy can be varied with her Aunt Western’s artificial mores.

Mr. Allworthy

 Allworthy is just what his name implies all good. Allworthy has a character throughout England because of his benevolent, humanitarian geste. Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens.The moral mark of the novel, Allworthy’s only fault( which ironically propels much of the plot) is that — due to his virtuousness he can not perceive the wrong in others.

 Master Blifil

Blifil is antagonist to Tom Jones and the son of Bridget Allworthy and Captain Blifil. Although he appears at first to be a righteous character, his insincerity soon exposes itself — Blifil pretends to be pious and principled, but rapacity governs him. The fact that Blifil has many redeeming rates makes Tom compassion for him at the end of the new — after the disclosure that Blifil kept the secret of Tom’s birth to himself — indeed more estimable. Blifil’s dearth of natural mortal favors — he at first doesn’t ask Sophia — does not distinguish him as a righteous character, but rather provides a saddening picture of what humanity would be like if devoid of passion. Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens.

 Squire Western

 Squire Western is a mock of the rough- and-ready, conservative country gentleman. tender at heart, the Squire nonetheless acts with extreme violence towards his son Sophia, by constantly immuring her, and indeed verbally and physically abusing her. still, since the Squire is a mock, Fielding doesn’t intend for us to judge these conduct too roughly. also, the Squire’s asseveration on Sophia marrying Blifil has lower to do with rapacity than with his intransigence and adherence to tradition. Squire Western’s speaks in West Country shoptalk, and peppers his speech with curses. Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens.

Mrs. Western

 Western, the antipode of her family Squire Western, is a mock of the artificial megacity lady who always acts out of wisdom.Mrs. Western prides herself on being complete at all intellectual hobbies — from politics to gospel to feminism to amour — yet her ignorance reveals itself on multitudinous occasions( she thinks that Socrates harangued to scholars rather of engaging in conversational debate). Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens  Mrs. Western’s sole end in the novel is to ameliorate the Western name by marrying off Sophia to the richest, most prosperous man she can find.


 Partridge is the schoolteacher whom Allworthy accuses of being Tom’s father. He’s a kind of uproarious Harlequin character( Fielding indeed compares him to Harlequin). Although pathetic, bumbling, and dastardly, Partridge remains a pious menial to Jones and deserves his price at the end of the novel. Partridge has a passion for speaking in Latin non conclusions. Although Partridge creates problems for Tom and Sophia by boosting Tom’s character and defiling Sophia’s to all and sundry, Tom can not help forgiving Partridge, who always has the stylish of intentions.Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens.

 Jenny Jones

 Jenny Jones(Mrs. Waters) is the pupil of Partridge whom Allworthy banishes for being Tom’s mama — at the end of the novel we learn that Jenny isn’t Tom’s mama . Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens. Jenny reappears as”Mrs. Waters” at Upton, where Tom saves her from a thievery. Although Jenny doesn’t retain the beauty of a Sophia, her veritably white guts attract Tom to her. Although she protests toMr. Allworthy at the end of the novel that she has led a righteous life, her temptation of Tom in Upton suggests else. She ultimately marries Parson Supple, a friend of Western.

Bridget Allworthy

 Bridget Allworthy is the mama of Blifil Fielding is one of the mostpro-woman pens.

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