BPCS 186 Solved Assignment 2021-22 In English Medium

BPCS 186 Solved Assignment 2021-22 In English Medium , BPCS 186 Solved Assignment 2021-22 , BPCS 186 Assignment 2022 , FREE BPCS 186 Assignment , IGNOU Assignments 2021-22- Gandhi National Open University had recently uploaded the assignments of this session for BDP/BA for the year 2021-22. Students are recommended to download their Assignments from this webpage itself. They don’t need to go anywhere else when everything regarding the Assignments are available during this text only.

BPCS 186 Solved Assignment 2021-22 In English Medium : for college kids – BPCS 186 : MANAGING STRESS Solved Assignment 2021-22 , Students are advised that after successfully downloading their Assignments, you’ll find each and every course assignments of your downloaded. Candidates got to create separate assignment for the IGNOU Master Course, so as that it’s easy for Evaluators to ascertain your assignments.

BPCS 186 Solved Assignment 2021-22 In English Medium

Course Code: BPCS186
Assignment Code: Asst /TMA /July 2021
Total Marks: 100

NOTE: All assignments are compulsory. Instructions:
1. Have a title page. Include details like Name, Enrolment number, Email id, Regional Centre,
Study Centre, Programme Title and code, Course title and code.
2. Use A4 size paper for the tutorial (ruled/ bank).
3. For making tables, blank pages can be used and tables/ graphs (if any) to be drawn in pencil.
4. Content should not be plagiarised.

Part A

Assignment One

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each. Each question carries 20 marks.
3 x 20 = 60

1. Explain the nature and measurement of stress.

Measuring stressor exposures versus stress responses
Stressor exposures are often measured with self-report questionnaires like a life events checklist, assessed by an interviewer, or objectively determined supported proximity to an occasion (e.g. living in NYC during the 9/11 terrorist attacks). The Life Events and Difficulties Schedule (LEDS; Brown and Harris, 1978) may be a structured interview protocol that’s considered the gold standard for assessing stressor exposure across someone’s lifetime. This interview protocol is time intensive in both the info collection and processing stages. To streamline the method of capturing stressor exposures across the lifetime , a computer-assisted methodology was developed (e.g. the strain and Adversity Inventory [STRAIN]; Slavich and Shields, 2018). In both the LEDS and therefore the STRAIN, participants are asked whether or not they have experienced a variety of stressful life events at any point in their life. for every endorsed stressor, they’re asked follow-up inquiries to provide greater context about the experience (e.g. how old were you when it happened, how long did it continue for, how stressful or threatening was it). The LEDS requires a trained interviewer to administer the measure, while the STRAIN are often completed either by an interviewer or by participants themselves. The LEDS also relies on blind raters to attain the severity of a stressor using this contextual information, while the STRAIN relies on the participants reporting of event severity. The STRAIN’s automated structure of follow-up questions allows the respondent to finish the interview far more quickly than the LEDS and reduces processing time. Both measures provide a comprehensive assessment of stressor exposures across the lifespan, and use different methods to work out the severity of those experiences.

Selecting stress measures
Due to constraints on participant burden and other considerations, difficult choices about which sort of stress to live got to be made by researchers. Common sorts of psychological stress measured using self-report questionnaires in adult samples are major life events, traumatic events, youth stress exposure, and current chronic or perceived stress in various domains (i.e. loneliness, marital discord, experiences of discrimination, work stress, financial strain, neighborhood safety and cohesion, and current perceived stress). the selection of which sort of stressor exposure to live depends on what’s most relevant to the study population, the precise research question, and therefore the hypothesized mechanisms linking that stress type to the result of interest. to start the choice , consider first what’s the foremost relevant stress type(s), given the sample’s demographic makeup. for instance , measures that capture religious persecution or combat exposure would be particularly important for a sample living during a conflict zone, while the quantity of overwhelm associated with being a parent (parenting stress) could also be most relevant for a sample of mothers caring for his or her child who has an autism spectrum disorder. In both cases, it might even be important to live sorts of stressors which will not be directly associated with the circumstances—such as levels of loneliness and financial strain. Capturing a variety of stressor types reduces the likelihood that the individual’s psychological and social distress is underestimated.

2. Compare between Fight or flight response and General Adaptation Syndrom.

3. Describe Perfectionism. Discuss various moderators of stress.

Assignment Two

Answer the following questions in about 100 words each. Each question carries 5 marks.
8 x 5= 40

4. Describe the effect of stress on relationships.

5. Discuss the concept and nature of coping.

6. Discuss mindfulness and biofeedback as techniques of stress management.

7. Explain the techniques of time management.

8. Describe emotional intelligence

9. Explain various types of Asanas.

10. Describe emotion focused coping and problem focused coping.

11. Describe the steps in problem solving

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GUIDELINES FOR BPCS 186 Solved Assignment:-

You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

1) Planning: Read the assignments carefully, go through the Units on which they are based. Make some points regarding each question and then rearrange them in a logical order.
2) Organisation: Be a little selective and analytic before drawing up a rough outline of your answer. Give adequate attention to your introduction and conclusion. Make sure that your answer:
a) is logical and coherent;
b) has clear connections between sentences and paragraphs, and
c) is written correctly giving adequate consideration to your expression, style and
3) Presentation: Once you are satisfied with your answer, you can write down the final version for submission, writing each answer neatly and underlining the points you wish to emphasize. Make sure that the answer is within the stipulated word limit.

Please ensure the following before submitting your assignment :

1. Your enrolment number, name and address have been written correctly.
2. The title of the course and assignment number has been written clearly.
3. Each assignment on each course has been written on separate sheets and pinned properly.
4. All the questions in a particular section should be answered before attempting the next

BPCS 186 2021-22 Question Paper

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