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University IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
Code MPCE-033
Course MA (M.A in Psychology) (MAPC)
Language English
Session July 2023-January 2024


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Answer the following question in about 1000 words each 15×3=45 Marks

1. Define organisational development and describe its goals and importance.

Organizational Development (OD): Organizational Development (OD) is a planned and systematic process aimed at improving an organization’s effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability. It involves implementing strategies and interventions to enhance various aspects of the organization, including its structure, processes, culture, and people. OD focuses on aligning the organization’s goals with the needs and aspirations of its employees, promoting positive change, and fostering a healthier and more productive work environment.

Goals of Organizational Development:

  1. Improved Performance: One of the primary goals of OD is to enhance the overall performance of the organization. This includes increasing productivity, efficiency, quality of products or services, and achieving strategic objectives.
  2. Enhanced Employee Engagement: OD seeks to create a work environment that engages employees and fosters their commitment to the organization’s success. This involves creating a positive culture, providing opportunities for professional growth, and recognizing employee contributions.
  3. Adaptability to Change: Organizations face continuous changes due to market dynamics, technological advancements, and other factors. OD aims to develop the organization’s capacity to adapt to change by enhancing flexibility, innovation, and responsiveness.
  4. Effective Communication and Collaboration: OD interventions promote open communication, collaboration, and teamwork among employees and across departments. This leads to better problem-solving, knowledge sharing, and decision-making.
  5. Conflict Resolution: OD helps address conflicts and issues that can hinder productivity and create a negative work environment. By improving communication and interpersonal skills, OD aims to resolve conflicts constructively.
  6. Leadership Development: Developing effective leaders is a key aspect of OD. It focuses on enhancing leadership skills, empowering managers, and creating a leadership pipeline for the organization’s future.
  7. Cultural Transformation: OD seeks to shape and reinforce the organizational culture to align with desired values, norms, and behaviors. A healthy organizational culture contributes to employee satisfaction and organizational success.

Importance of Organizational Development:

  1. Enhanced Productivity: OD interventions lead to streamlined processes, reduced inefficiencies, and improved performance, ultimately resulting in increased productivity.
  2. Employee Satisfaction and Retention: By addressing employee needs, providing growth opportunities, and fostering a positive work environment, OD helps boost employee satisfaction and retention rates.
  3. Adaptation to Change: In a rapidly changing business landscape, organizations that can adapt quickly are more likely to thrive. OD equips organizations with the skills and mindset to embrace and navigate change effectively.
  4. Innovation: OD encourages a culture of innovation and experimentation, allowing organizations to develop new products, services, and solutions.
  5. Conflict Resolution: Addressing conflicts and improving communication through OD interventions creates a harmonious work environment, leading to better collaboration and higher morale.
  6. Sustainable Growth: Organizations that invest in OD are better positioned for long-term growth and success. By continuously improving processes and nurturing talent, they create a foundation for sustainable development.
  7. Competitive Advantage: Organizations that prioritize OD can differentiate themselves in the market by being adaptable, innovative, and employee-centric, leading to a competitive advantage.

In summary, Organizational Development plays a vital role in shaping the culture, effectiveness, and sustainability of an organization. By focusing on people, processes, and systems, OD helps organizations achieve their goals while nurturing a positive work environment for employees.

2. Elucidate empowerment with a focus on its benefits and process.
3. Explain the concept of change and describe various models of change.


Answer the following questions in about 400 words each 5×5=25 Marks

1. Elucidate action research with a focus on its theories.
2. Explain participative management with a focus on its processes and benefits.
3. Explain the concept of programme evaluation and describe its stages.
4. Describe the normative re-educative strategy for change.
5. Describe the major families of organisational development intervention activities.


Answer the following in about 50 words each 10×3=30 Marks

1. Values
2. Multinational orientation
3. Engineering approach to job design.
4. Stages of team development
5. Team intervention strategies
6. Concept of diagnosis
7. Management By Objectives
8. Total Quality Management
9. Executive coaching
10. Mosaic mentoring

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