MCO 03 Solved Assignment 2020-21

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MCO 03 Solved Assignment 2020-21

COURSE TITLE : Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis

Maximum Marks: 100
Attempt all the questions:

1. Explain the various methods of collecting primary data pointing out their merits and demerits.

Direct personal interviews:

The persons from whom informations are collected are referred to as informants. The investigator personally meets them and asks inquiries to gather the required informations. it’s the acceptable method for intensive instead of extensive field surveys. It suits best for intensive study of the limited field.


1. People willingly supply informations because they’re approached personally. Hence, more response noticed during this method than in the other method.
2. The collected informations are likely to be uniform and accurate. The investigator is there to clear the doubts of the informants.
3. Supplementary informations on informant’s personal aspects are often noted. Informations on character and environment may help later to interpret a number of the results.
4. Answers for questions on which the informant is probably going to be sensitive are often gathered by this method.
5. The wordings in one or more questions are often altered to suit any informant. Explanations could also be given in other languages also. Inconvenience and misinterpretations are thereby avoided.


1. it’s very costly and time consuming.
2. it’s very difficult, when the amount of persons to be interviewed is large and therefore the persons are cover a good area.
3. Personal prejudice and bias are greater under this method.

Indirect Oral Interviews:

Under this method the investigator contacts witnesses or neighbours or friends or another third parties who are capable of supplying the required information. This method is preferred if the specified information is on addiction or explanation for fire or theft or murder etc.,

If a fireplace has broken out a particular place, the persons living in neighbourhood and witnesses are likely to offer information on the explanation for fire. In some cases, police interrogated third parties who are alleged to have knowledge of a theft or a murder and obtain some clues. Enquiry committees appointed by governments generally adopt this method and obtain people’s views and every one possible details of facts concerning the enquiry.

This method is suitable whenever direct sources don’t exists or can’t be relied upon or would be unwilling to spare the knowledge .

The validity of the results depends upon a couple of factors, like the character of the person whose evidence is being recorded, the power of the interviewer to prolong information from the third parties by means of appropriate questions and cross examinations, and therefore the number of persons interviewed. For the success of this method one person or one group alone shouldn’t be relied upon.

2. (a)Explain the concept of skewness. How does it help in analysing the data?
(b)What is reporting? What are the different stages in the preparation of a report?

3. Briefly comment on the following:
(a)Classification of data provides a basis for tabulation of data.
(b)Research problem would be both abstract and of applied interest.
(c) Decision makers use index numbers as part of intermediate computations.
(d)Comparison between two things cannot be made unless they are really alike.

4. Write short notes on the following:
(a)Research Design
(b)Statistical Derivatives
(c) Normal Distribution
(d)Deflating of Indices

5. Distinguish between the following:
(a)Cluster Sampling and Stratified Random Sampling
(b)Simple Bar diagram and Multiple Bar Diagram
(c) Correlation and Regression
(d)Estimation and Testing of hypothesis.

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IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment 2020-21

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