MAE 002 Solved Assignment 2021-22

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MAE 002 Solved Assignment 2021-22

Assignment: 01

a) What do you mean by participatory training? Discuss the principles of participatory
training. (500 words)

Problems in Conventional Approaches to Training
Training has always been viewed as a learning process – learning of latest skills, concepts and behavior . As such, it’s an academic activity. generally , training implies nonformal education of adults, but during a purposive, directed sense. It connotes a structured event, with boundaries of your time , place and other people . the traditional meaning of coaching has been the transfer of experience from trainer to learner, where the trainer defines what a specific set of learners must learn. This approach assumes a unidirectional flow of data from the trainer, who is that the ‘expert’, to the learner. Learners play a passive role and are sure to learn what the trainer teaches. This training approach doesn’t allow learners to participate actively, and provides the trainer total control over the method . Everything during this sort of training, from defining the objectives to evaluating the learner, is completed by the trainer.

Alternative View of coaching
In response to the felt inadequacies of conventional training approaches, alternative approaches to training evolved over the last half of the 20th century. during this alternative view, training isn’t limited to the ‘transfer of expertise’ or equated with ‘imparting knowledge’. Rather, it’s seen as a process of growth and discovery, aimed not just at ‘knowing more’, but at ‘behaving differently’. the main target is on build up one’s critical consciousness; examining one’s values, attitudes and orientations; on ‘unfreezing’ set notions and set patterns of behaviour; and questioning, re-thinking and re-learning. This approach to training are often seen as a non-formal, on-going education process, during which both trainers and trainees learn from one another . it’s aimed toward building the learners’ confidence in their capacity to watch , criticise, analyse and figure things out for themselves. It enables a private not only to deal effectively with others, but also to know oneself in terms of needs, feelings, motivations and past experiences. It helps clarify how information results in awareness and consolidation of people’s fragmented perceptions, resulting in a clearer understanding of the totality of their situation. Thus it becomes a learning process, with emphasis on learning and not on training. Learning revolves round the participants’ own needs, and progresses through these opportunities for reflection and analysis. This shift in emphasis is crucial during this alternative view.

Understanding Participatory Training
Participatory training is an academic strategy supported the choice approach described above. In participatory training, learners are considered active participants within the educational process. Their needs and questions, reflection, analysis and methods for change carry the method forward.
Rather than viewing participatory training as merely a group of techniques, its educational thrust is to be viewed during a historical, socio-political context. Value-free or neutral training may be a myth. Every training has an underlying normative bias, albeit that bias remains implicit. The start line in understanding participatory training is to know its worldview.
Participatory training derives its perspective and values from an assessment of up to date socio-economic realities. It recognises that an outsized number of individuals are poor, unorganised and oppressed, while a well-informed, powerful elite dominates the economic, political and cultural lifetime of society.

Principles of Participatory Training
As we’ve seen, participatory training is predicated on a group useful premises, derived from an alternate view of coaching and a normative orientation rooted in an analysis of up to date society and its unequal power relations.
The articles of religion which constitute the cornerstone of participatory training could also be described as follows:
 Faith in ordinary people, and their ability to find out , change and grow
 Faith in people’s capacity to know , act and transcend their limitations
 Faith that ordinary people do know, are capable of knowing and have an interest in knowing
Deriving from our articles of religion , participatory training is predicated on the respect of learners and their experiences, what they know and what they want to understand , who they’re and what they’ll become.

b) Describe the steps involved in organising adult, continuing education and extension
and filed outreach activities. (500 words)
c) What are the challenges faced by adult education in India? Suggest some plans and
activities for addressing the same. 

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