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BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry Click to
Block-1 Early Modern English Poets Download
Block-2 The Long Eighteenth Century Download
Block-3 The Romantic Poets Download
Block-4 The Great Victorian Poets Download
Block-5 The High Modernist, Postmodernist and Recent Poets Download
Block-6 The American Poets-I Download
Block-7 The American Poets-II Download
Block-8 Indian English Poets Download


Early Modern English Poets

The Early Modern Period of English literature began in roughly 1485, around the time the Tudor Dynasty came into control of England. Following a victory in the War of the Roses, Henry Tudor assumed the throne as Henry VII and married Elizabeth York. The introduction of the printing press in 1476 led to an emphasis on the English language and a focus on vernacular literature. This period saw a reformation movement as the struggle between political power and religion came center stage with Henry VIII. Often referred to as the Renaissance period in English literature, the second half of the period was an artistic and cultural celebration, with some of England’s finest playwrights and poets emerging during this time. Additionally, the Early Modern Period was marked by humanism, which stressed the potential for goodness in humans and placed importance of the human being over divine and supernatural matters. Metaphysical poetry and a stronger sense of national unity would also find their place among literary themes of the period. The period is also strongly characterized by the shift in readership. During the 16th and early 17th centuries, printing grew, readership increased, and people wanted to widen their intellectual horizons, leading to more demand for literature.


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