Solved Assignment 2023-24 Himachal Pradesh University Shimla

Solved Assignment 2023-24 Himachal Pradesh University Shimla,  Himachal Pradesh University Solved Assignment 2023-24 , a premier institution of teaching and research in the country, is situated at Summer Hill, a suburb of Shimla at a distance of 5 km. from the main town. It covers 200 acres of lush green land and offers a panoramic view with its distinctive architectural style. It was established in 1970 by an Act of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The Government of Himachal Pradesh and the University Grants Commission mainly finance it. The University has 12 Faculties and 30 Teaching Departments covering various programmes such as Management, and Vocational Studies; Commerce ; Engineering and Technology; Languages; Law; Life and Physical Sciences; Social Sciences; Ayurveda, Dental, and Medical Sciences; Information Technology, Computer Science, Performing and Visual Arts. The University also has its Academic Staff College which offers Orientation and Refresher Courses for University and college teachers. As many as two hundred seventy colleges/institutions (govt./private) from within the State are affiliated to the University in addition to Centres of Distance Education (ICDEOL), Evening Studies, Legal Studies and Regional Centre at Dharamshala.


Assignments of M.Com. 1st semester

Assignments of M.Com. 2nd semester

Assignments of M.Com 3rd semester

Assignments of M.Com. 4th sem

Master of Arts Economics

MA Economics 1st semester assignment

Macro Economics

MA Economics 3rd semester Assignment

Indian Economy

Money and Banking

Public Finance

Industrial Economics

Basic Statistics

Master of Arts English

Semester I

Semester II

Semetser III

Semester IV

Master of Arts History

History and Histography

History of Early india up to 1200 AD

HIST 331  History of Ecology and Environment

The Contemporary World, 1945-1991

Ancient Societies

History of Medieval India 13th to 18th centuries

HIST 332 Modern World (1380-1950)

Economic History of India1750-1947

Aspects of medieval Society

History of modern india 1757-1947

HIST 334 Contemporary World

Social and Cultural History of India,1750-1947

Aspects of Society and culture in early Modern Europe.c. 1450-1700

HIST 335     Constitutional and administrative History of India

HIST 340 AEC  Research and Publication Ethics


Himachal Pradesh University Solved Assignment 2023-24

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