BPCG 173 Solved Assignment 2021-22 In English Medium

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BPCG 173 Solved Assignment 2021-22 In English Medium

Course Code: BPCG173
Assignment Code: Asst /TMA /July 2021
Total Marks: 100

NOTE: All assignments are compulsory.


1. Have a title page. Include details like Name, Enrolment number, Email id, Regional Centre, Study Centre, Programme Title and code, Course title and code.

2. Use A4 size paper for the tutorial (ruled/ bank).

3. For making tables, blank pages can be used and tables/ graphs (if any) to be drawn in pencil.

4. Content should not be plagiarised.

Assignment I

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each. Each question carries 20 marks. 2 x 20 = 40

1. Describe the nature and sources of stress.

Meaning and Definition:
Considered from an individual’s point of view, stress is our body’s physical, mental and chemical reactions to circumstances that frighten, confuse, endanger or irritate us. If controlled, stress may be a friend that strengthens us for subsequent encounter. If handled poorly, it becomes an enemy which may cause diseases like high vital sign , ulcer, asthma and overactive thyroid. As per the medical explanation of the term, “stress is that the body’s general response to environmental situations.”

(i) Physiological discomfort.

(ii) Some quite emotional unhappiness.

(iii) Strained relationships with people .

In very simple words, stress refers to an individual’s reaction to a disturbing think about the environment.

“Stress is defined as an adaptive response to an external situation that leads to physical, psychological and/or behavioural deviations for organisational participants.”

“Stress may be a dynamic condition during which a private is confronted with a chance , constraint or demand associated with what he or she desires and that the result is seemed to be both uncertain and important.”

According to Ivancevich and Matterson, “Stress is that the interaction of the individual with the environment. it’s an adaptive response, mediated by individual differences and/or psychological process; that’s a consequence of any external (environmental) action, situation or event that places excessive psychological and/or physical demands upon a person”

According to Beehr and Newman, “Job stress may be a condition arising from the interaction of the people and their jobs, and characterised by changes within folks that force them to deviate from their normal functioning.”

Nature of Stress: Some details concerning the character of stress is:

1. Stress may be a Neutral Word:

Stress isn’t bad in itself. But when stress is made by undesirable outcomes, it becomes Distress. On the opposite hand, if it’s created by desirable and successful effects it’s called Eustress. Eustress may be a healthy, positive and developmental stress response. it’s primarily the Distress sort of stress which needs examination and steps to deal with it; because distress is usually related to heart condition , alcoholism, substance abuse , marital problems, absenteeism etc.

2. Stress is related to Constraints and Demand:
Constraints prevent a private from doing what he or she desires. If an individual wants to shop for something, but he doesn’t have the required cash, it’s a constraint. Demands ask the loss of something desired. If an individual wants to travel and watch a movie, but he’s unable to try to to so due to pressing official work, it amounts to a requirement . Both Constraints and Demands can cause potential stress.

3. Two Conditions are Necessary for Potential Stress to Become Actual Stress: There must be:

(i) Uncertainty over the result , and

(ii) Outcome must be important.

Stress is typically very high when there’s uncertainty over the result and therefore the outcome is extremely significant. Both these conditions are necessary. If there’s no uncertainty but the result is critical , there’ll not be any stress. On the opposite hand, if there’s uncertainty, but the result isn’t significant, there’ll again be no stress.

4. Stress isn’t Simply Anxiety:
Stress could also be amid anxiety, but the 2 aren’t synonymous. Anxiety is psychological and emotional whereas stress operates within the physiological sphere also along side psychological sphere.

5. Stress should even be Differentiated from Nervous Tension:
Nervous tension could also be a results of stress. Stress may be a subconscious action. Even unconscious people have exhibited stress, whereas nervous tension may be a conscious action. People may “bottle up” their emotions and not reveal them through nervous tension.

6. The Term “Burnout” is additionally Closely related to Stress:
Some researchers contend that burnout may be a sort of stress, but others treat it differently. Burnout is closely related to helping professions like nursing, education and welfare work , it’s characterised by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and diminished personal accomplishments. albeit technically, burnout is different from stress, these are generally used interchangeably.

Levels of Stress:
Stress is very individualistic in nature. Some people have high tolerance for stress and thrive well in face of several stressors within the environment. In fact, some individuals won’t perform well unless they experience A level of stress which activates and energizes them to place forth their best efforts. On the opposite hand, some people have very low level of tolerance for stress and that they become paralyzed once they need to interface with routine everyday factors that appear undesirable to them. Generally, stress is viewed as something bad, having negative consequences. However, stress isn’t always bad. it’s only the degree or the extent of stress which produces positive or negative consequences.

2. Discuss the illness related to food, diet and obesity.

Assignment II

Answer the following questions in about 250 words each. Each question carries 10 marks. 10 x 3 = 30

3. Define health and describe the cross cultural perspectives on health.

4. Describe type A personality and hostility as factors contributing to stress proneness.

5. What is substance use?

Assignment III

Answer the following questions in about 100 words each. Each question carries 6 marks. 5 x 6= 30

6. Holistic model of health

7. Goals of coping

8. Yoga

9. Diabetes

10. Hope theory

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GUIDELINES FOR BPCG 173 Solved Assignment:-

You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

1) Planning: Read the assignments carefully, go through the Units on which they are based. Make some points regarding each question and then rearrange them in a logical order.
2) Organisation: Be a little selective and analytic before drawing up a rough outline of your answer. Give adequate attention to your introduction and conclusion. Make sure that your answer:
a) is logical and coherent;
b) has clear connections between sentences and paragraphs, and
c) is written correctly giving adequate consideration to your expression, style and
3) Presentation: Once you are satisfied with your answer, you can write down the final version for submission, writing each answer neatly and underlining the points you wish to emphasize. Make sure that the answer is within the stipulated word limit.

Please ensure the following before submitting your assignment :

1. Your enrolment number, name and address have been written correctly.
2. The title of the course and assignment number has been written clearly.
3. Each assignment on each course has been written on separate sheets and pinned properly.
4. All the questions in a particular section should be answered before attempting the next

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