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MPA 017 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium E-governance

Course Code: MPA-017
Assignment Code:MPA-017/Asst/TMA/2020-21
Marks: 50

This assignment consists of Section I and II. There are five questions in each Section. You have to answer a total of five questions in about 400 words each. It is necessary to attempt
at least two questions from each Section. Each question carries 10 marks.


1) Discuss the concept of e-governance and its models. 10

2) Define Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and briefly highlight its components. 10

3) Explain the various software applications of ICT. 10

4) ‘E-governance has brought in an electronic transformation in public service delivery’. Elaborate with examples. 10

5) What do you understand by administrative organisation culture? Also, explain how it can be transformed into a tech savvy culture. 10


6) Write a note on e-panchayat project of Andhra Pradesh. 10

7) Elaborate upon digital portfolio and digital library. 10

8) ‘The Centre for Railway Information System is an umbrella covering all computer activities of Indian Railways.’ Discuss. 10

9) Describe in brief the Saukaryam Project of Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation of Andhra Pradesh. 10

10) Explain the issues and challenges facing ICT implementation in governance and also the measures to address them. 10




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MPA 017 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium E-governance

This assignment solution is based on 2020-21 IGNOU Assignments to be submitted for IGNOU June’2020 Examination & December’2020 Examination It is mandatory to submit assignment before Last Date at IGNOU Study Centre to appear in IGNOU Examination. Assignments with good solution help student to gain better percentage because of its 30% weightage in final marks. It would be useful for you to do both these practical exercises. You can then choose the exercise which you feel you have done the best and submit it for evaluation. The details of these exercises have been described in the Practical Manual. Read each exercise carefully and do the exercise as indicated. The marks for the various components of eachexercise have been mentioned in the Manual itself. Incase the total marks for an Ex ercise are more than 20 in the practical manual, the evaluator will grade the exercise and convert the total marks from 20


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