MFN 010 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium


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MFN 010 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium 

Course Code: MFN-010
Assignment Code: MFN-010/AST-6/TMA/20-21
Last Date of Submission: 15th March, 2021
Maximum Marks: 100
This assignment is based on Units 1 -14 of the MFN-010 Course.

Section A – Descriptive Questions (80 marks)

There are five questions in this part. Answer all questions.

1) Create a MS Power point presentation on any topic of your interest, consisting of about 10-12 slides. Also write steps to perform following activities and prepare a CD for presentation and submit along with the assignment. It should involve all the following activities: (20)
i. It should have a master slide with a title
ii. Insert header and footer in all slides except master
iii. Show some data using a chart or graph
iv. Include smart art in of the slides
v. Insert picture in one of the slides
vi. Also, insert a video clip related to the topic at the end of the presentation

2) Suppose you are a manager of a cafeteria. Create a worksheet using excel maintaining the monthly expenses of the cafeteria under various heads, for a year. Your assignment should contain the following: (20)
i. Make an account of purchases of fruits and vegetables
ii. You must find average expense per month
iii. Automatically find the month when a minimum amount was spent
iv. Create a chart for head wise expenditure per month
v. Use formulas to find sum and average

3) a) What is software and hardware troubleshooting? Suggest various measures to solve or prevent problems related to computer software and hardware. (10)
b) Explain various advanced functions of MS word. (10)

4) a) Illustrate the main parts and functions of a computer. (10)
b) Briefly describe the internet tools and discuss how to use the internet. (10)

5) Explain the following terms with the help of an example/diagram, if needed: (20)
a) Debugging
b) Control Panel
c) Ergonomics
d) Disk Defragmenter
e) Thesaurus
f) Networking
g) Macros
h) Active cell
i) Slide sorter view
j) ISP

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