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MEG 04 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium

English Aspects of Language

  Course Code: MEG-04
Assignment Code: MEG-04/TMA/2020-2021
Max. Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions

Q1. Discuss ‘Indianisation’ of English, citing examples of some major features of Indian English. (20)
Q2. Give a complete description of the consonants of English. (20)
Q3. What, in your view, are the most important learner variables in the learning of a second language? Explain. (20)
Q4. What do you understand by ‘foregrounding’? Discuss with suitable examples. (20)
Q5. Write short notes on the following: (20)
a) The function of intonation.
b) Conversion as a morphological device.

MEG 04 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium


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MEG 04 Solved Assignment 2020-21: This assignment solution is based on 2020-21 IGNOU Assignments to be submitted for IGNOU June’2020 Examination & December’2020 Examination It is mandatory to submit assignment before Last Date at IGNOU Study Centre to appear in IGNOU Examination. Assignments with good solution help student to gain better percentage because of its 30% weightage in final marks.

Yes, it’s mandatory to submit handwritten MEG 04 assignment solution before filling up term end theory examination form. Otherwise, IGNOU hall ticket to seem in examination might not be issued to student. Also, The 30% marks of MEG 04 assignment marks are added in total marks. Without submitting the solved assignment of MEG 04 course, the course will remain incomplete. Theory exams consists of remaining 70% marks.

IGNOU MEG Solved Assignment 2020-21 ; Students need to write the assignments for following courses in MA English programme. Students can download assignment question booklet online at the university official website. The University provides the newest assignments on its website in every session. So, while downloading the MA English assignments, the scholars should confirm that he/she has downloaded the assignments of correct session/ Year. All IGNOU MEG study material pdf notes are available for the download process. IGNOU Assignment 2020-21 , With the assistance of Online study material, Students can read anywhere and anytime. We include the category of all courses like baccalaureate , academic degree , Postgraduate Degree, Certificate, etc. within the list of study material.

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