MEG 01 British Poetry Exam Guide with Previous Years Papers+ Important Topics


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MEG 01 British Poetry Exam Guide with Previous Years Papers+ Important Topics

MEG 01 British Poetry Exam Guide : Here is that the perfect study note of MEG 1 for you during a descriptive way. you’ll get each and each detail during this . Topics and important questions from each unit/block are well explained and language is straightforward for better understanding. Buy this note from us and obtain best help for your coming examination. British poetry is that the field of British literature encompassing poetry from anywhere within the British world.
We are here to supply IGNOU MEG 1 study notes with current year solved paper for IGNOU students. Are you trying to find highest quality study notes? We created IGNOU MEG 1 study note with current year solved paper for your convenience and help.

Block-1 Orientation For the Study of Poetry & The Medieval Poet Chaucer

Block-2 Undertaking A Study of Spenser

Block-3 The Metaphysical Poets: Donne, Herbert

Block-4 Studying Milton

Block-5 The Neoclassical Poets: Dryden and Pope

Block-6 The Romantic Poets: Blake, Wordsworth & Coleridge

Block-7 The Second Generation Romantic Poets: Shelley & Keats

Block-8 The Victorian Poets: Browning, D.G. and Christina Rossetti & Oscar Wilde

Block-9 The Modernist Poets

Block-10 Some Modernist and Postmodernist Poets: Dylan Thomas, Philip Larkin & Sylvia Plath

If you’ve got already skilled the syllabus you’ll see MEG 01 has the vast syllabus and preparation time is extremely less. i’m getting to share with you the strategy which I used and cleared MEG 01 in one accompany good score. First of all everyone should undergo the previous year papers of IGNOU MEG 01, which are available on official page of IGNOU and other websites. By browsing the previous papers i used to be ready to filter the important poetries and questions which were repeatedly asked within the previous exam.

How the question paper would be:

MEG 01 British Poetry Exam Guide : While studying the previous year papers, I noticed that two patterns were utilized in the exam. In First pattern, there would be one question which might include stanzas from poems of twenty marks and 4 questions of eighty marks, which might be related with the poets and poems. In Second pattern, there would be ten questions of stanzas of ten marks each during which you’ve got to offer the poem and poet name and other explanation about the stanza and therefore the poem.

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MEG 01 British Poetry Previous Years Papers


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