BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills Solved Assignment 2020-21 (English Medium)


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BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills Solved Assignment 2020-21

Programme: BAG/2020
Course Code: BEGAE 182
Maximum Marks 100
Answer all questions.

Section A

I. Answer any four of the following in about 150 words each:

1. What do you understand by the term ‘non-verbal communication’? What are its advantages?
2. What are the characteristics of a conversation?
3. What are the four levels of meaning that you should be aware of as a reader?
4. Explain with suitable examples, how new words are built in English through “affixation” and “compounding”.
5. What are the aspects to be taken care of before you attend a meeting?
6. What are “homonyms” and “homophones”? Explain with suitable examples. 5×4=20

Section B

II. A construction company is planning to cut down several trees in your locality to build a new flat. As the President of your Residential Association write a formal letter to the editor of your local newspaper highlighting this issue. 10
III. Prepare a presentation on the topic: Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Indian economy. 10

Section C

IV.  What are the semantic and linguistic barriers to communication? How can they be overcome? (Answer in around 300 words) 20
V.  What are the different forms of discourse that you need to be aware of before you start a writing project? Describe these forms of discourse briefly with suitable examples. (Answer in around 300 words). 20
VI.  A group of five students have been given the topic “Online Learning and the Higher Education Scenario in India,” for group discussion. Write out the discussion in around 300 words. 20

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IGNOU Solved Assignment 2020-21


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