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You are currently viewing IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-23

IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-23

IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-23 , BCOS 184 E-COMMERCE Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download Free : BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-2023 , IGNOU BCOS 184 Assignment 2022-23, BCOS 184 Assignment 2022-23 , BCOS 184 Assignment , BCOS 184 E-COMMERCE Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download Free IGNOU Assignments 2022-23- BACHELOR OF ARTS Assignment 2022-23 Gandhi National Open University had recently uploaded the assignments of the present session for BACHELOR OF ARTS Programme for the year 2022-23. IGNOU BDP stands for Bachelor’s Degree Program. Courses such as B.A., B.Com, and B.Sc comes under the BDP category. IGNOU BDP courses give students the freedom to choose any subject according to their preference.  Students are recommended to download their Assignments from this webpage itself. Study of Political Science is very important for every person because it is interrelated with the society and the molar values in today culture and society. IGNOU solved assignment 2022-23 ignou dece solved assignment 2022-23, ignou ma sociology assignment 2022-23 meg 10 solved assignment 2022-23 ts 6 solved assignment 2022-23 , meg solved assignment 2022-23 .

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IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-23

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Submission Date :

  • 31st March 2033 (if enrolled in the July 2033 Session)
  • 30th Sept, 2033 (if enrolled in the January 2033 session).

Answer all the questions

Section A

Q.1 Explain the different models of E-commerce? 

What is an Ecommerce Business Model?

An ecommerce business model refers to how a business operates to sell goods and services online. There are 6 main types of ecommerce business models, namely Business-to-Government (B2G), Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Consumer-to-Business (C2B), and Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C).

In order to find the right ecommerce model for your business, you need to define two things. Firstly, you will have to define who you will sell to, and then define how you will position what you have to sell. Then, figure out your ecommerce business plan. This will define how you will attract customers and how they will engage with your product. Lastly, figure out your delivery framework, by assessing what will work best for your ecommerce business.

What do You Want to Sell?

The beauty of online commerce is that you can sell pretty much anything. However, it is always a good idea to start with a small range of products. Your store can sell physical products (clothing or shoes), digital products (ebooks are a good place to start), or services such as babysitting.

Let’s see what type of products are currently being sold online and how you can tap their market.

Physical Products

This is the most commonly sold commodity on ecommerce stores. Physical products (pretty much anything that requires packing, shipping and delivery) often achieve the highest sales.

But, how do you decide which products to sell?

Discover what you are passionate about. Do you love cars? How about selling car parts and accessories then? Do you love books? Why not start an online book store? Online commerce gives you the perfect opportunity for converting your passion into a viable business.

Analyze your chosen niche and find the opportunity gaps. This covers all the aspects of the industry that are underserved. Similarly, try to analyze the pain points of the target customers.

Next, conduct keyword research on the product you wish to sell. This way,  you can pinpoint the demand for your product that will help you plan your inventory and order placements.

Digital Products

There are many products that can be delivered to a customer online. Are you a web designer, content writer, or drawing artist? You can create an ecommerce store around digital products. Piracy and Copyrights infringements is a serious challenge for such stores. Another important requirement is the FAQ and Legal sections that cover the mechanism of product delivery and the copyright status of your offerings.


If you have a crew of skilled carpenters, or house cleaners, or you are an expert hair stylist who offers to visit the customer’s residence, why not create a website to sell these services online? You can significantly increase the demand for your services by creating a comprehensive FAQ section and a Legal section detailing exactly what you are offering and what the customers can expect.

6 Types of Ecommerce Business Models

Ecommerce is a global phenomenon and as such support several models. The good thing about ecommerce is that you could choose one or more models for your venture.

1. Business-to-Business (B2B)

If the nature of your products or services is geared towards meeting the needs of businesses, setting up a B2B strategy is your best bet. Networking and reaching out is a bigger part of this strategy. A big advertising budget is not of much help. The most important challenge you would face is convincing established businesses that your products/services are a great fit for their processes.

The advantage of this business model is that order sizes are usually large, and repeat orders are very common, if you maintain the quality of your products and services. An example of a great B2B model is Media Lounge.

2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

This is the model you should adopt if your products/services are targeted primarily towards individuals. The potential customer finds your website and determines whether your product could address their pain points.

After browsing the store, the customer may decide to place an order. An example of a successful B2C business is Portugal Footwear.

3. Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

While B2B and B2B business concepts are familiar, Customer-to-Customer (C2C) is a concept unique to ecommerce. This is mainly due to the sheer demand of the platforms such as Craigslist, OLX, and eBay.

These platforms allow their users to trade, buy, sell, and rent products and services. In all transactions, the platforms receives a small commission. This business model is complex and requires careful planning to operate. Many platforms have failed, generally due to legal issues.

4. Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

Customer-to-Business (C2B) business model is another great concept that is popular mainly due to platforms that cater to freelancers. In C2B,  freelance workers work on tasks provided by clients. Most of these clients are commercial entities and freelancers are often individuals. In simpler terms, consider C2B is a sole proprietorship serving larger businesses.

Reverse auction websites, freelance marketplaces, affiliate marketing all form part of this business model. Again, this model requires planning due to the legal complexities involved.

5. Business to Government (B2G)

Business to Government (B2G) is an ecommerce business model where a business markets its products to government agencies. If you want to choose this ecommerce business model, you will have to bid on government contracts. Governments usually put up requests for proposals and ecommerce businesses then have to bid on government projects. In most cases, a government agency would not come to place an order on your ecommerce website. However, some local government agencies are exceptions to the rule, depending on their needs.

6. Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)

When a business sells products to another business, and then that business sells to the consumers online, this is what is defined as B2B2C ecommerce.

There are three parties involved in this type of ecommerce business model. For example, if you choose to go with it, you will have to partner with another business, and only then can you sell its products and offer the partner a commission for each sale.

Ecommerce store owners choose this business model mainly for new customer acquisition. This happens because even though customers are already familiar with the partner’s products, they can’t order from them online, due to obstacles such as geographical location, hefty shipping costs, and others.

Hence, this ecommerce business model is most suitable for new ecommerce store owners who want to expand their customer base.

Q.2 What do you understand by Distributed Ledger Technology? Do you think it is revolutionizing the world? If so, how?

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) refers to the technological infrastructure and protocols that allows simultaneous access, validation, and record updating in an immutable manner across a network that’s spread across multiple entities or locations.DLT, more commonly known as the blockchain technology, was introduced by Bitcoin and is now a buzzword in the technology world, given its potential across industries and sectors. In simple words, the DLT is all about the idea of a “decentralized” network against the conventional “centralized” mechanism, and it is deemed to have far-reaching implications on sectors and entities that have long relied upon a trusted third-party.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Explained

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a protocol that enables the secure functioning of a decentralized digital database. Distributed networks eliminate the need for a central authority to keep a check against manipulation.DLT allows for storage of all information in a secure and accurate manner using cryptography. The same can be accessed using “keys” and cryptographic signatures. Once the information is stored, it becomes an immutable database and is governed by the rules of the network.The idea of a distributed ledger is not totally new, and many organizations do maintain data at different locations. However, each location is typically on a connected central system, which updates each one of them periodically. This makes the central database vulnerable to cyber-crime and prone to delays since a central body has to update each distantly located note.

The very nature of a decentralized ledger makes them immune to a cyber-crime, as all the copies stored across the network need to be attacked at the same time for the attack to be successful. Additionally, the simultaneous (peer-to-peer) sharing and updating of records make the whole process much faster, more effective, and cheaper.DLT has great potential to revolutionize the way governments, institutions, and corporations work. It can help governments with tax collection, the issuance of passports, recording land registries and licenses, and the outlay of Social Security benefits as well as voting procedures. The technology is making waves in industries such as finance, music and entertainment, diamond and other precious assets, art, supply chains of various commodities, and more.In addition to startups, many big companies such as IBM and Microsoft are experimenting with the blockchain technology. Some of the most popular distributed ledger protocols are Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, and Quorum.


Distributed ledgers are held, reorganized, and controlled by individuals called nodes. The database is constructed independently by each node. Every transaction occurring on the network is processed, and a conclusion on the development of the database is created by each node.

Based on the transaction, voting is carried out on the changes completed on the database. All nodes participate in the voting, and if at least 51% of them agree, the new transaction is accepted on the database. Afterward, the nodes update the versions of the database so that all the devices or nodes will be of the same version. The new transaction is written onto a block on the blockchain.

Nodes in Proof-of-Work blockchain are also called miners. When a miner successfully puts a new transaction into a block, they receive a reward. It requires a dedicated 24×7 computer power. It is the responsibility of miners to compute the cryptographic hash for new blocks. Whoever, among the miners, successfully finds the hash first, gets the reward.

Miners dedicating more computational power to find the hash will be more successful. However, as blocks keep generating, it becomes more difficult to find subsequent hash scales. The goal is to keep a constant speed of generating the blocks.

Q.3 State the various phases of the website development process.

Q.4 What is Cyber Security? State its importance in today’s digitally connected world.

Q.5 What are different types of apps in various domains and segments?


Q.6 State the various key elements of a business model.

Q.7 What are the requirements metrics of a payment system?

Q.8 Why is customer engagement and retention an important tool for an E-commerce business?

Q.9 Explain the process of encryption in Digital Signatures.

Q.10 What are the various advantages of E-services?

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IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-23

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Q 11. Briefly comment on the following:
a) “As compared to organised retailing, e-tailing is less expensive as it saves wages of salesmen and premises cost and maintenance.”
b) “Hackers have a lot to gain from successful data breaches.”
c) “Online presence helps in the expansion of the target market.”
d) “Security is a massive cause of concern when payments become digital in nature.”

Q.12 Distinguish between the following:
a) Private Labelling and White Labelling
b) E-Government and E-Governance
c) Hacking and Identity Theft
d) Advantages and Disadvantages of E-tailing for buyers

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IGNOU Instructions for the BCOS 184 E-COMMERCE Solved Assignment 2022-23

IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download Free  Before attempting the assignment, please read the following instructions carefully.

  1. Read the detailed instructions about the assignment given in the Handbook and Programme Guide.
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  6. You should write in your own handwriting.

GUIDELINES FOR IGNOU Assignments 2022-23

IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-23 You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Planning: Read the questions carefully. IGNOU BCOS 184 Assignment 2022-23 Download Free Download PDF Go through the units on which they are based. Make some points regarding each question and then rearrange these in a logical order. And please write the answers in your own words. Do not reproduce passages from the units.
  2. Organisation: Be a little more selective and analytic before drawing up a rough outline of your answer. In an essay-type question, give adequate attention to your introduction and conclusion. IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download Free Download PDF The introduction must offer your brief interpretation of the question and how you propose to develop it. The conclusion must summarise your response to the question. In the course of your answer, you may like to make references to other texts or critics as this will add some depth to your analysis.
  3. Presentation: IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-2023 Download Free Download PDF Once you are satisfied with your answers, you can write down the final version for submission, writing each answer neatly and underlining the points you wish to emphasize.

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BCOS 184 Handwritten Assignment 2022-23

IGNOU BCOS 184 Solved Assignment 2022-23 – We provide handwritten PDF and Hardcopy to our IGNOU and other university students. BCOS 184 E-COMMERCE Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download Free Download PDF There are several types of handwritten assignment we provide all Over India. BCOS 184 E-COMMERCE Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download Free Download PDF We are genuinely work in this field for so many time. You can get your assignment done –8130208920

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